Hello Kitty Acupuncture Needles

If Hello Kitty fanatics are willing to carve the evil feline into their skin (as well as branding), I guess that it really shouldn’t be a surprise that someone would also have no issue having Hello Kitty stabbed into their back with a bunch of acupuncture needles:

Hello Kitty acupuncture needle artist

Hello Kitty acupuncture needles scar

You know that the people at Sanrion have already put together a plan to start manufacturing Hello Kitty acupuncture needles so that this can become a new trend. I mean, really, there’s nothing like showing your devotion to a fictional character than by having numerous needles stuck into your skin so that they create a beautiful blood pattern of her…

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  1. My problem with this is that it’s not sound acupuncture. It’s not REAL acupuncture! It’s mutilation. They just used the needles to draw a picture. There’s no thought to the ki and the lines and the organs and the real medicinal value acupuncture.

    I’m bothered both as an HK lover and as someone who thinks acupreasure and acupuncture are the bee’s knees.

  2. Hmmm……? Looked ok with the needles in because of the colored plastic tips that made a decent outline, however the punctured area looks too much like an actual cat, and we know Hk is not a cat……lol…

  3. Actually and literally sickening.

    Pepsibookcat is correct about it not being acupuncture in any way, shape or form beyond that the creator has used real acupuncture needles.

  4. She is not a cutter. This happens frequently in BDSM, it’s called needleplay. It can be really gorgeous and can give you a kind of high off the pain.

  5. This IS BDSM, and just because someone isn’t “tied down”, doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying themselves. It’s a shame that people look down on things they know nothing about. 🙁

  6. @kitteh!!

    You wouldn’t restrain someone really during a needle play session such as this, due to the severe nature and intensity of the picture itself.

    This picture is severely misleading, this is by far from acupuncture. Needle play is also known as temporary piercings, it is a temporary form of body art NOT something that is meant to relieve stress.

  7. BDSM doesn’t have to include bondage at all times; it’s just a catch-all term for activities that involve one of the elements of Bondage, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism, Kink, Fetishism, or some mixture of those elements.

    Needleplay falls under Sadomasochism, and therefore qualifies.

    Also, having done needleplay, I can tell you that the needles themselves are actually a kind of bondage themselves; they make it quite hard to move around.

    Needleplay can provide recipients with both an adrenaline and endorphin rush.

    Personally, I find it a lot less extreme than flesh-hooks, which scare the bejeezus out of me. It hurts about the same as a tattoo, but it’s very temporary, and the results are frequently beautiful artworks.

  8. Kitteh says: “Before saying that this is BDSM, I’d want some sort of evidence that she’s actually restrained.”


  9. These are not acupuncture needles, they are actually hypodermic needles…commonly used for temporary piercings (like the one pictured here). The most common trend I’ve seen is corsets…this one is by far the most unique I’ve seen. Lol!

  10. Hey there everyone

    firstly thanks for the compliments either good or bad. Firstly as stated its not acupuncture. its called “Needle Play” I was not tied down but it was done during BDSM scene.

    I am professionally a Piercing Artist, they were done with different sized needles and the needles were hypodermic. each need was new and had been autoclaved sterilised before hand. it was done in clean piercing room with branding done later.

    It was sore and but I am someone who enjoy’s pain and find it way to realise stress.



  11. First off, thats a really popular rumor. And second off, if she was from hell they wouldnt have a hello kitty around today. Yes, they wouldnt have hello kitty shirts or jewlery. Its os popular, they have a hello kitty store in japan. SO, this rumor has been going on for 7 years now, and its getting pretty old. Pus if she was the devils daughter, wouldnt it be in the bible? Ill bet you dont know how hello kitty talks you hater man!


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