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What is worse than a Hello Kitty car? A Hello Kitty car where you are more horrifically distressed inside it than those are on the outside looking at the paint job (and believe me, the people on the outside are trembling with fear). This is why you never let a Hello Kitty fanatic decorate the interior of a car:

Hello Kitty car interior

Of course, I could be mistaken here. Someone may have simply gotten really sick after drinking a couple of gallons of Pepto-Bismol and simply thrown up all over the inside of the car. On second thought, that is obviously not the case since that would undoubtedly be far more appealing than the interior of this car…

Sent in first by Kayla Z (and then by far too many others)

29 thoughts on “Car Interior”

  1. this is the most unique looking car i have seen yet to do with hello kitty. a little over the top in some areas but to be honest i would totally go for the seats to put in my own car ^__^

  2. Wow, don’t you know you’re not supposed to have distractions while driving? I would never deck the interior of a car with this many hazards. The only thing I like are the slippers in the passenger’s side, that’s a thoughtful touch 🙂

  3. If you look REALLY close, you can see that the gas pedal on the drivers side also has slippers! <3 I like the colors and the seat covers and steering wheel, shifter, and e-brake, but I wouldn't put that many figurines and decorations up. Cute though. The cupholders are a nice touch.

  4. The figurines and stuff freak me out, because if you get in a car accident, ALL that stuff goes airborne and can injure the unlucky person sitting in front of it. Not fun.
    It just looks super cluttered to me.
    I have the inside of my car HK theme, but not to this extent at all. I just have the floor mats, seat covers, and the steering wheel cover. The reason I got it is actually because my car is purple, and it’s one of the only “themes” that had matching purple in it.
    That said, my backseat cover is a mexican blanket. I’m a fan of themes that are not super over the top and have other things mixed in. Otherwise it just looks too overwhelming and ridiculous. Kind of like if your WHOLE HOUSE is HK themed, you can’t appreciate the couple of items that you love because they get lost in sea of crap. I’m not a fan of collecting something simply because of it being HK, I have to actually like the ITEM itself too, and have a use for it.

  5. I Agree With Melissa Even Though I Dont Have A Car Because I Am To Young I Only Am Twelve And Still Have A Long Time Until I Get My Own Car But I Will Never Put All That HK In My Car,Even Though My Mom Mom Have Hk Seat Covers,Wheel Cover,And The Mats I Wouldnt Dare Let Her Put It In Her Car

  6. What spoils and utterly ruins the camp pink Hello Kitty driving machine of wonderment is those revolting check seats. It looks like a chavs Burberry check has been cut up and stitched on the seats. Or Ruperts scarf. I hope the outside is shaped like a giant Hello Kitty with blinking eye headlights and “tail” lights.


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