Hot Pen Brand Scar

I guess it’s obvious (at least to Hello Kitty fanatics) that there are simply not enough Hello Kitty scars in the world. It’s also pretty obvious that anyone that would think that putting Hello Kitty needles into their back really wouldn’t think twice about having the evil feline hop pen branded into her skin:

Hello Kitty hot pen brand scar

I’m really not sure what is worse. The Hello Kitty scar that is displayed above or the continual mental scar that I carry around with me in Hello Kitty Hell. Either way, there is no doubt that Hello kitty makes it her life mission to scar anyone and everyone in the world for life…

Sent in by Kitten Takara

13 thoughts on “Hot Pen Brand Scar”

  1. i hav all kinds os hello kitty stuff!! hav sometin happen 2 me?????? no!!! da more u luv her da more she luvs ya!!!
    No JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CUZ u guys talk bout her ( shes a devil) which shes not,da devils r gonna be u ppl!!! i AINT talking bad bout her cuz i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @mimi…your right…I think his brain is so scarred, he can’t tell left from right….also, a pic of the device would be nice.

  4. that person is definitely going to HK Hell where
    that freakishly big headed feline is going to be waiting for them with a hello kitty dildo, hello kitty whips and chains, hello kitty knife, and hello kitty rifle

    • As the person with this brand on my shoulder. the though of Hello Kitty Dildo, Whips and Chains and Knifes and Rifles. Thats not hell, that’s heaven!!!


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