Sand Castle Art

The problem of living my life is that there is no relief from Hello Kitty no matter the season. It simply seems that things get worse and worse as the years go by with each season getting worse than the last. A perfect example is that in winter there is a snowboard covered with the evil feline, so in summer there would undoubtedly be a surfboard. Since I have to deal with Hello Kitty snowmen in winter, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that now that summer is here, I will have to deal with Hello Kitty sand sculptures:

Hello Kitty sand sculpture art

Of course, it could be worse — there could be a beach full of Hello Kitty bikini clad women to terrify the entire beach community…

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9 thoughts on “Sand Castle Art”

  1. I sort of like this; ok it could be more detailed, but one of the best things about HK is the simplicity of the designs.

  2. I love it, the porportions are right on point. It might not look like much when compared to the complexities of other, more detailed sand castles, but anyone who really tried to draw HK knows just how difficult it it to get her just right. HK looks pretty easy to draw but in reality, it’s quite difficult.


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