Ice Cubes

Anyone who lives with a Hello Kitty fanatic will know that there are many progressions which take you deep into the hellish nightmare that your life eventually encompasses. For many, the first sign that things aren’t right is when your morning toast inevitably shows up with the evil feline’s face on it. It’s simply one of those moments when it instantly dawns on you that things are much worse than you had ever imagined, and the uneasy feeling penetrates your entire body that it’s only going to get worse. Another one of those terrible realizations occurs when these first show up in one of your drinks:

hello kitty ice cubes

While it’s obvious to anyone who has even a bit of sense left that the only place these belong is under direct sunlight in the middle of the desert at high noon, anyone who has ever seen these once knows that once they have appeared, it’s worse than a cockroach infestation. Even if you only see a few at that moment, you know that there are hundreds of others waiting to appear the instant that you ask for another cold drink. And thus you find yourself one step further down the staircase of your inevitable descent into the depths of Hello Kitty Hell…

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7 thoughts on “Ice Cubes”

  1. I had these for a few years now, actually I have 2 different HK ice trays. The ice cubes are are even cuter in person! And no, Mr. HKH, I think it’s safe to say, a bug infestation is far worse than these HK shaped ice cubes…


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