Hello Kitty Caterpillar

One of the disturbing tendencies of fanatics of the evil feline is that they they go around trying to see her in other things. When Jesus was found on toast, the fanatical throngs immediately felt that the one-with-no-mouth deserved to be treated with just as much adoration. Sanrio, believing their own hype (plus seeing an opportunity to make a buck), decided the only way to rectify the situation was to make a toaster so that fanatics could create Hello Kitty toast on a daily basis.

Just like Jesus on toast, fanatics are now claiming that there is a caterpillar that has been created in the image of the most despised Sanrio character of all time, and they are now referring to it as the Hello Kitty caterpillar:

caterpillar looks like hello kitty

hello kitty caterpillar

Caterpillar with Hello Kitty face

I feel sorry for these caterpillars. If they thought that trying to survive in the wild from being ripped apart and swallowed alive to die in the stomach acid of such predators as birds was horrifying, they have no idea the pain they are likely to endure if they are ever captured by a fanatic. In fact, they will likely wish they had first been discovered by a bird once they find themselves in such a situation. Things will only get worse when the fanatics begin trying to staple bows on them in an attempt to make them look even more like the mouthless cat. It really is a cruel fate of nature when, just because some delusional fanatics think that you resemble a cartoon feline, you are thrust into the fiery pit of Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. Once in a while I have to agree you nailed it with the Jesus on toast comment. I have the same feelings about the so called Hello Kitty caterpillar.
    My condolences for you having to put up with this.


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