Hello Kitty Car Engine

There are many ways to ruin a car. For fanatics of the one-with-no-mouth, this is an everyday occurrence that they seem able to accomplish without even giving it a second thought. For the true fanatic, however, simply ruining a car is far too mundane. They want to take it to a level that not only makes everyone ask “wtf? Why would anyone do that?” but also makes them cringe that something like it exists in the world.

If we are truly being honest with ourselves, I guess we should have seen this coming. With all the different cars sporting the evil feline’s face these days, and the fact that she also has her own line of engine oil, is it really a surprise that there now exists a Hello Kitty engine?

hello kitty car engine

We can only hope that this either blows up (as distinct possibility if they are putting the HK engine oil into it) or that someone takes pity on the world and places this vehicle into a car compactor. Until then, we have one more example of the Hello Kitty Hellish world we live in…

Sent in by Suzanne

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Car Engine”

  1. Actually I think it’s pretty awesome. ..it shows that a lot of care and attention to detail has gone into the car….love it or hate it, it certainly seems to grab attention, as this little rant of yours shows. I wonder what car you drive? And whether you look after it as well as this owner obviously does? Thanks for sharing the Hello Kitty love ??

  2. I suppose it was only a matter of time till my engine cam-cover found it’s way here! It hasn’t blown up yet. But it does have a blower on it now. A supercharger. If it does explode I will let you know.

    Thanks for the tip on HK engine oil. I didn’t know about that. I will try to find some 🙂

  3. Well sounds to me like Suzanne has an over ego, has she ever actually thought about what a 5 Is and how we all work hard on our cars and try to make them individual, it may not be about hello kitty, but its about being individual and getting people to notice something that wants to make them take a closer look to your car. Oh and from one feline to another, (although im more educated) its a rocker cover – Not an engine!! meow

  4. Actually, it’s a cam cover, and I say hats off to the owner for making their car indevidual. Kitty wouldnt be my chice, but it is theirs and good luck to them. Obviously not as narrow minded as some people.

  5. Some people have no taste whatsoever …………… Sue ….. 🙁

    Others do …….. Kitty ……. 🙂

    Hey, not on your watch ………….. :0


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