It’s another sad day in Hello Kitty Hell when I have to create a photo page dedicated to the evil feline, but it seems that I will have a never ending stream of the same photos coming to me if I don’t do something about it.

I get sent a lot of photos that never make it onto the main page of this blog. This isn’t due to the lack of vomit inducing madness that these photos contain, but simply because Hello Kitty fanatics send me an avalanche of these photos and far too many for me to write a blog post about each of them.

If you want to keep your sanity, you really should just shut down your computer and walk away. You have been warned:
Hello Kitty Star Wars
Hello Kitty Weapons
Hello Kitty Scarification
Hello Kitty Tattoos
Hello Kitty Alcohol
Hello Kitty Cars
Hello Kitty Loops
Hello Kitty Rice Krispies Treats
Hello Kitty Pink Laptop
Hello Kitty Reebok Shoes
Hello Kitty Shopping
Hello Kitty Vodka
Hello Kitty Uterus Plush
Hello Kitty Guitar Meow!
Hello Kitty Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Hello Kitty Cat Litter
Hello Kitty Asics Shoes
Hello Kitty MP3 Player
Hello Kitty DragonCon Pasties Nightmare
Hello Kitty Birthday Party
Hello Kitty Minivan
Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Laptop
Hello Kitty Robot
Hello Kitty Bed
Hello Kitty Rainboots
Hello Kitty Knife
Hello Kitty Pink Room
Hello Kitty Cutting Board
Hello Kitty Mascot Costumes
Hello Kitty High Heel Shoe Phone
Hello Kitty Smart Car
Hello Kitty Belly Dancer
Hello Kitty Pregnant Cake
Hello Kitty Coffee Maker Toaster Oven

51 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. You said that you’re going to post where to get the hello kitty converse but I didn’t see where or even if you posted? are you still going to tell?

      • Well I hate to hate all HK haters.
        Please do not bother us we Hello Kitty haters.
        This blog is about hatred of all things unknown untold or otherwise unspoken of.
        We are averse to any form of dissent whatsoever.
        We detain the Truth in any way or means.

  2. @skiie

    Well, then you’re welcome to not come to this site. Don’t you know sucess is often measured in the number of visits? So by that logic, if you came to protest, you’d still be helping make this site popular. Scary!

  3. I understand your fear, man. I don’t, however, understand people’s obsession. My friend likes Hello Kitty, but she’s really chill about it.

  4. although im a hk fanatic myself, yor site is cool as hell laughed my hello kitty ass off. loved the gun. all fans should love it. gonna go awol might as well look cute doing it…….l

  5. Funny stuff you got here! I was looking for tasers online and found this site! BONUS! Zappin thugs would be fun with a Hello Kitty stun gun! LOL!

  6. So I go online to start looking for one of these hello kitty things for my niece for xmas and come across this blog. ROFL!!!!! So I thought you would appreciate that you don’t live in this hello kitty house!

  7. I Spray painted the inside of my Old School Hello Kitty. Email me for pictures. O by the way the car is Hello Kittied out.


  8. Ah sorry I forgott something, i’m not a hello-kitty fan. its so commercial and the only way to stop it is to hang it up.

    A friend draw this pic and said, come i tattoo you, so i said yes. it has got nothing to do with anything like, hello kitty is soooo coool.

    sorry for my bad english!

  9. you know!…i like hello kitty alot. but doesn’t mean that im so Obsessed with her!
    It just cute and too girly pink..

    not that i totally like pink… i like red, white and black too

    and brittany dee: FYI.. your spelling of obbesesion is wrong.. it must be OBSESSION,….
    …nxt tym if you dont know the spelling try to go in google.. so you know the spelling
    ………NO OFFENSE!!……

  10. i love so much hello kitty i have many collection that for your bag i have 4 bags i wish i have many many bag for you i wish girls can make this lovely collection see ya! love you hello kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiity

  11. OMG i love this site. I love hello kitty since I can think. My whole room is pink and full of Hello kitty stuff. I´m so jealous about this iphone it´s so beautiful. I wish I could make the same with mine^^ keep up your good work 🙂

    (sorry for mistakes but I´m german 🙂 )

  12. Is there some kind of 12 step program for this evil feline? Seriously–I started with pajama’s (on sale) then a t-shirt-then a backpack –AND THEN pencils, stationary and envelopes-shoes to match the shirt and some bath items blankets and posters!!!and its out of control– I’M EVEN DOWNLOADING HELLO KITTY CARTOONS FROM YOU TUBE!!– i am powereless over the kitty claws –HELP!!!

    • Did you ever try HK condoms ?
      There is a catch. Your unwanted child shall be born with a HK face tatooed.
      Hello Kitty is now in our genes.

  13. me i fight against this guns….their are a lot of children could be influenced by this weird guns..>why? babies are attractive in hello kitty toys ….what will happen if they will grow? dont tell me ….they will ask hello kitty guns from thier mom….coz they are hello kitty fan….oh …noh what will happen to my future children… if this bad bad hello kitty gun wont stop i wish that my future daughter will hate hello kitty…justice…

  14. hello kitty is the most cutiest cartoon character ever but its ashame that people who claim that they love hello kitty complain that its too much crap for them! wtf? if you love hello kitty then it aint no limit to liking her stuff. i swear im tired of these dumb broadz!!!!!!

  15. Just throwing this one out there:
    KUDOS for your web sight. It’s now one of my weekly, if not daily destinations when I’m chilling on m comouter. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Hello Kitty, and all she has to offer (Like world peace!), but I can see the other side too. I think this sight is HILARIOUS, and is one of the best things ever created. What better to let people know of the amazing things that have come from Hello Kitty, then make a whole sight about all of the things, good, bad, ugly, strange, or otherwise, that have been bledded to be born Hello-Kittie-fied!

  16. Omg!I can’t belive all this stuff is in this website I loved hello kittysince i couled even remember LOL Hello kitty is so adorable that t is why I like Hello kitty and because she has wonderful life and story to tell and because like her causeshe has fashion

    • To whom it may concern:
      How come my own (witty tasteful delicate) comments are moderated away whilst the above horrendipitous contribution is not ?
      This site is not “gay”.
      Hello Kitty shall not brook any paraphilia (sexual deviance) as she is perfectly straight.
      HK went even so far as to have her mouth removed in order to eschew any controversial issue.

  17. Oh honey…. I feel so bad for you. I have hated Hello Kitty since i was a little girl. I find nothing cute about anything that has to do with that cartoon cat. And the fact that you live surrounded by it.. *shudders* How on earth do you do it?


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