Hello Kitty Pink Laptop

During life, it’s important to recognize the danger warning signs so that you can avoid the intense pain and injury that comes when the signs aren’t heeded. A good example of one of these danger signs is the sound of a rattle snake. Another is the skull and with crossed bones underneath indicating poisonous material. But by far the most important warning sign to memorize and heed (run in the opposite direction as fast as possible without worry of any of your belongings) is when you see something like this:

Hello Kitty pink laptop

Sent in by katie

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pink Laptop”

  1. So does this mean that the person in the picture was technically naked whist she had the laptop on her lap? I don’t know if I should be disturbed by this or not…

  2. LMAO… I open up this picture link to see a wonderful Hello Kitty laptop and I am wearing the exact same wrap the girl in the picture is wearing.


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