– My New Blog Inspired By You

While my wife and I continue to negotiate the details of the future of this blog (thanks for all the comments — they seem to be softening up her position a bit, especially on the point that the blog is degrading), I have a huge favor to ask all the readers of this blog. I have created a new blog ( for the New Year which was inspired by all the comments that the readers left on the summer challenge to get rid of 200 Hello Kitty items by giving them to a local orphanage in Japan (can I once again thank all of your for rescuing me from what would have definitely been a much too Hello Kitty Hellish vacation to survive sane).

The new blog doesn’t pack the same bite as this blog does (It’s actually a positive blog — I bet some of you didn’t even believe that I had a kinder and gentler side), but I think it’s something that can remind and encourage all of us to make the world a little better. If you have a few minutes, please take a look and see if it’s a blog that you might find worthwhile visiting on a regular basis.

If you do, please feel free to sign-up for the rss feed, leave a comment and, most of all, spread the word to others that you know who you think would support such an endeavor. The goal is to fund a minimum of $10,000 in microloans this year, as well as getting a lot of people into the habit of doing small things daily that don’t take a lot of effort that help make the world a better place.

Whatever your opinion, please feel free to leave your impressions and suggestions on how to make it better here. I’m hoping that with your help we can start the blog off with a bang and fund the first microloan ($25) this week which would be a total of 250 comments, 100 rss readers or a combination of the two.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming of me living in Hello Kitty Hell…