Hello Kitty Photo Dump

For those that want to torture themselves more, some of the photos that have been added this past week that didn’t make the front page:

Hello Kitty M4A1 Gun
Hello Kitty Headband Bow
Hello Kitty Bra and Panties
Hello Kitty Samsung Media Player
Hello Kitty Smurfs
Hello Kitty Wii
Hello Kitty Bathroom Mirror
Hello Kitty Hilary Duff Skateboard

And the following posts were updated with new photos:

Hello Kitty Three Apples Art

Hello Kitty Bathroom Mirror

It’s bad enough waking up each morning and seeing Hello Kitty right in front of my face, but now my wife wants to multiply this pain by getting Hello Kitty bathroom mirrors. While she thinks that these are cute, they are simply another heart attack waiting to happen for me. On those nights that I need to go to the bathroom, I’ll get out of bed still half asleep, switch on the light to the bathroom and slowly open my eyes to have a Hello Kitty mirror staring back at me. I wonder how much my wife will like it when there is a Hello Kitty scream of terror to wake her up every night…

Hello Kitty bathroom mirror

Hello Kitty mirror

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