Hello Kitty Car Rims

I have avoided talking about our car and the continual Hello Kittification of it lately. The reason is simple. The damn thing just freaks me out more and more every time I look at it. All those little Hello Kitty modifications add up over time and it’s embarrassing to be seen in it. It’s not going to be long before my wife orders a pink paint job on the thing which will be the end of me ever riding in it (even though I opt to walk now if possible). Just to give you a glimpse of where it’s heading, my wife told me that she wanted to buy Hello Kitty car rims for it:

Hello Kitty car rims

Hello Kitty car rims

Hello Kitty car rims

Hello Kitty tire rims

No, your eyes do not deceive you. There are people out there that believe that Hello Kitty car rims are “the cutest thing ever” such as my wife. She thinks that these aluminum rims will add the perfect touch to our car for a mere $900 (105,000 Yen) and be the perfect compliment to the Hello Kitty exhaust pipe. She especially likes that the spokes on the rims have different Hello Kitty expressions including a normal expression, a surprised expression and a winking Kitty. I’m surprised that Sanrio just didn’t go with the classic 1974 version that appears to be flipping you off because that would be much more appropriate for these. The worst part? It’s all part of a normal day in Hello Kitty Hell…

Update: And, yes, it can get worse…

pink Hello Kitty car rims and tires

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hello kitty pink car rims

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Hello Kitty bow tire rims

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