Hello Kitty Crop Circle

It didn’t take long for photos to begin showing up in my mailbox. In fact, there are a bunch in there and some I’m downright afraid that my wife will see so much so that I actually put a password on the file. There are just some things she should not see for my sanity…

One of the submissions was of a 2004 Hello Kitty crop circle that was made as part of the 30th anniversary of Hello Kitty. While this photo is a couple of years old and both my wife and I have seen it, I do still remember when it first came out:

Hello Kitty crop circle

Hello Kitty crop circle in field

wife: Look, a Hello Kitty crop circle

me: Please don’t tell me you think aliens did it…

wife: No, it’s a promotion from Sanrio to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 30th anniversary.

me: Why would you build a crop circle to do that?

wife: Because Sanrio knows that if aliens did visit the earth, they would be filled with the heart of Hello Kitty.

me: You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding…

wife: Hello Kitty brings joy to people no matter where they are. Whether they are on earth or in the sky looking down on earth. I think we should fly to go and see it.

me: We are not going to fly half way around the world to see a crop circle of Hello Kitty

The conversation continued along those lines for the next week and about how much I didn’t appreciate the love that Hello Kitty brings to people. While this episode should be long over, I’m afraid I will not be able to forget the crop circle for the rest of my life. This is because every time that my wife sees this particular Hello Kitty crop circle photo, she flashes back to that time to remind my how I don’t appreciate Hello Kitty as much as I should. Not to mention refusing to go and see the crop circle (there was a time that I actually stood my ground…ah, those days when I was still young and naive…)

Of course, this photo being sent to my mail, and my wife getting a glimpse of it, teleported us back to the original conversation which appears to have heated the temperature in my Hello Kitty Hell. To make up for my wife missing out on the crop circle, she heavily hinted that a Hello Kitty Airplane ride was in order.

Any suggestions how I’m going to get myself out of that???

Hat tip (circlemakers.org via ojuang)

Hello Kitty Scooter

It was bound to happen. My wife informed me that she thinks she needs a scooter to get around on the short errands around town. Of course, this sudden desire for a scooter just happened to coincide with a reader sending me this photo:

Hello Kitty Scooter
Now after seeing this, I bet you’ll be surprised that I actually look at the above scooter and think, “Well maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.” (as you can see, Hello Kitty Hell is beginning to warp my common sense) See, when you live in a Hello Kitty Hell, even things that a normal person would consider hideous start to look acceptable when I know what else is out there that my wife would surely want even more if she only knew it existed.

Take, for example this lovely clash of Louis Vuitton seat on a Hello Kitty scooter

Hello Kitty Scooter
Or even worse, look at this pink monstrosity 

Hello Kitty Scooter
Knowing that those two scooters (and most likely others that are comparable) exist, maybe you can see why I might start imagining the top scooter is the least evil option. In Hello Kitty Hell, however, it’s not that easy. Once my wife realized that there were multiple Hello Kitty scooter styles out there, it was inevitable that she would want to begin a collection and that is certainly not a new Hello Kitty hobby I want to be encouraging.

The fear doesn’t stop there. If my wife gets a scooter, you know what it will mean don’t you? I’ll be the one that has to ride it most of the time (you can imagine how I am cringing as I write this knowing that she will also buy a Hello Kitty helmet to go with it). While she believes that she needs it to run errands, the truth is that I end up running the vast majority of them and inevitably there will be a time where I would have to ride the damn thing. It’s not even reality at this time and I’m already getting sick to my stomach…

Update: The evil feline is never satisfied to leave well enough alone:

Hello Kitty scooter moped black face

Sent in by HKGuy

Hello Kitty Credit Card

Hello Kitty credit cardBeing a personal finance blogger, when it comes to choosing a credit card I look at which ones will provide me with the greatest advantage. The amount of cash back, what rewards I can receive and what services the credit card provides at no cost – all of which will ultimately save me money – are the primary factors look for when choosing a credit card. 

This is not how a Hello Kitty fanatic chooses a credit card:

wife: I have to have this credit card!

me: You already have a credit card that gives you cash back on every purchase.

wife: But it doesn’t have Hello Kitty on it.

me: What is more important? Getting money back on every purchase or Hello Kitty? (boy, was that a stupid question for me to ask…)

wife: Hello Kitty

So, my wife immediately applied for the Hello Kitty MBNA credit card. The worst part? In the past I was constantly asking her to pay for everything with our cash back credit card to earn the free money, but rarely did she use it preferring to pay in cash (the Hello Kitty card does earn points, but the rewards are far less than our other card). Now that she has the Hello Kitty credit card, every single purchase goes on it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has started to buy things just to show everyone her Hello Kitty credit card.

While this certainly qualifies as Hello Kitty Hell, I have a much bigger worry. What if they come out with multiple patterns of the Hello Kitty credit card?

Update: Was there ever any doubt that Hello Kitty credit cards would end up coming out in a multitude of patterns?

Hello Kitty credit card apple

Hello Kitty black credit card

Sent in my numerous readers