Hello Kitty Ferrari

One of the things that always happens when people become aware of my Hello Kitty Hell is that they begin to send me photos of all those random and strange Hello Kitty things that are available. Since the vast majority of people in the world actually have common sense, they believe that everyone else has the same common sense. While this is a logical assumption, it most definitely doesn’t apply to Hello Kitty fanatics.

Hello Kitty Ferrari
Take, for example, this photo that Dawn passed onto me. Anyone in their right mind would take one look at the Ferrari and laugh out loud (or take a quick run to the bathroom and get sick), but not a Hello Kitty fanatic. Their eyes have ceased to function correctly and they don’t realize that an electric Pepto Bismol colored car with Sanrio characters is not something to be desired. They take one look at it and think “wouldn’t that be the best thing in the world to have?”

Of course, this was exactly the reaction of my wife. “OMG, is that the cutest thing ever!!??!! I want one!” It didn’t matter that I explained that the photo had been photoshopped and the car didn’t really exist. She wants it. The photo has already been printed out and placed on her bulletin board as an incentive to grow the Hello Kitty business more and it is all I will be hearing about for the next month. But the truly scary part is that if she ever gets the money to afford something like that, I have no doubt that she’ll take the photo down to the Ferrari dealer and say she wants it painted exactly like this.

Even people who think they are creating fun jokes to pass around don’t realize that their playfulness places me deeper into my Hello Kitty Hell…

Update: Well, it had to happen. Someone actually thought it would be a good idea to make a real Hello Kitty Ferrari

20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ferrari”

  1. I need that. That is bad ass. I really want a car like that. Yeah, I am such a fan I have the popcorn popper-which is totally cute.

  2. quote from Steph:
    “ew, that looks awful
    poor ferrari X[”

    i reckon. damn the person who did that so such a nice car.

  3. OMG WOW!!!1!1 I want it. I want that car soo bad… so I can either blow it up and give it the burial it so badly needs…. or repaint it and give it the driver it needs 🙂

  4. Over here, they put puppies and kittens on the RSPCA credit cards. Yay! Puppies! Kittens! But also, you’re *helping* puppies and kittens.

    Likewise, if you put Kitty on a card, you’re actually *helping* Kitty, and her mother Sanrio, produce more injection-moulded pink horror.

  5. Assuming this photo hasn’t been severely doctored, it’s a bit overdone. The decals would need to be more subtle … or perhaps there should be fewer of them on this vehicle.


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