Hello Kitty Nightmare Becoming Reality

Anthony WhiteMargaret WhiteWhen I began this blog, I thought I might receive a bit of sympathy from the readers, some kindred friendship from those who have had similar instances (please don’t tell me I’m the only one out there living through this) and some support in my quest to keep my sanity in this Hello Kitty Hell. Instead I get this as my first question email in relation to this site:

I just love Hello Kitty. You are so lucky to know so much about Hello Kitty. I have been wondering for the longest time what the names of Kitty’s grandmother and grandfather are? Please teach me.

Obviously I have overestimated the intelligence of the Hello Kitty fan base, especially after having spent time previously explaining in detail why I am in extreme torture because of the unfortunate fact that I do know too much about Hello Kitty. The mere mention of Hello Kitty must make their brains turn to a type of mush soup (applesauce would be quite appropriate — I pray you don’t understand that reference) where cuteness (in their distorted vision) prevails over all reason.

What’s even worse than someone telling me how lucky I am to know so much about Hello Kitty? Actually knowing the answer to her question once again! (scroll over the photos if you really must know the answer). When I began this, I never imagined that it would in any way become a Hello Kitty educational resource – just one more way best intentions get morphed in disgusting ways when one lives in a Hello Kitty Hell…

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nightmare Becoming Reality”

  1. The truth is that you DO love Hello Kitty too! lol
    Come on, you cannot build up a website just to deny it!

    Question: Did you ever wonder what girls think about being submerged with all that disgusting stuff like football, baseball, soccer etc., isn’t that a MALE overload??

  2. I think if you really love your wife, you need to think about getting a Hello Kitty costume to wear. All the time. Even at night.

  3. Since I don’t know jack about hell o’kitty, I would assume a cat so girly would have at least a boyfriend… if there is one, then you should get a costume like that… She is your wife you know!

  4. i must say you do love your wife and i give you points for that.

    you are not the only one living in hello kitty hell my BF lives in it to. He has come to the conclusion that you and he should start a hello kitty livers support group. i also think it is a good idea heh. i almosy feel bad for the two of you but i cant help loving hello kitty.

  5. You must really love your wife if you’re sacrificing yourself to hello kitty hell. I love hello kitty too but you being a guy taking all this from your wife is just too much! Wow.

  6. yeah……
    I know exactly how you feel….

    I hate Hello kitty…but I know many things of “it”..
    but when I shop in the mall, it will always catch my attention……

    and one more thing… I am a guy……

  7. I like Hello Kitty but I admit there is a line when it comes to buying something. I don’t mind a few pieces here and there in my home – she’s a nifty little thing – but I don’t think I would obsess over it so entirely like some. There is more to life than a kitty – even a Hello kitty.

  8. I think Hello Kitty’s gaining supporters for the eventual Kitty Armageddon and use those people as her minions in HK costumes and HK weapons, invading all innocent minds to the over-saturated yet evil sweet-sugary-ness that will ultimately destroy any sane person’s will to live.

    I feel for you, man. You have my support in destroying these… things of fanaticism. I hate ’em like salt in a lolipop.


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