Hello Kitty Pierced Navel Rings

I received an anonymous email (not sure that opening them up will be such a good idea in the future) telling me I should show my wife the new Hello Kitty pierced belly button rings they have. My wife, of course, knew that it must be something wonderfully Hello Kitty the minute I let out a depressed moan at the site of them. She was by the computer side before I had a chance to delete the photo.

Hello Kitty Navel Ring

Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that my wife had come to her senses and didn’t want these. Oh, she wants them because “they are so adorable” and “wouldn’t any woman be cute and sexy wearing that?” But I actually heard the words “I won’t buy those…” (this is the point where I figured I was hallucinating and had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t in a dream) “until I lose some weight…”

Now as any married man knows, this put me in an impossible situation where I was either going to go deeper into Hello Kitty Hell or be sleeping on the couch the rest of the week. The “until I lose weight…” was followed by a long pause waiting for me to answer. I know from vast experience that “No dear, you look perfect.” was the correct answer, but that meant that I may have to look at a Hello Kitty navel ring for the rest of my life. On the other hand, “yes, good idea” meant I would have a lot of lonely nights ahead of me.

Faced with this choice, I did the only thing I could do. I remained silent like a deer frozen in headlights knowing I was doomed either way – which of course was no help because silence automatically gets moved toward the “yes” side.

So as I type this late at night with only the couch, a Hello Kitty pillow and a Hello Kitty blanket to look forward to for what I estimate will be a week, I do take a small bit of solace in the fact that I won’t have to see a Hello Kitty belly button ring…at least for this week…

Update: I was really hoping that I would never actually have to see someone wearing one of these…

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hello kitty belly ring

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hello kitty belly stud

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34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pierced Navel Rings”

  1. I so totally want a belly ring now. I’m not kidding. I love HK. My friends are so going to love this.

    I am sure you are sick of hearing ‘kawaii’ all the time. 😉

    • your wife should see my tattoo then and my husbands ( no hes not a hello kitty fan as much as me but he likes his tattoo) i got a hello kitty holding a machetie and blood everywhere he has a hello kitty with a tommy gun 🙂 i love our tattoos >:)

  2. oh can someone please send me a link or something that actually sells the hello kitty navel rings.. I did look around but didint find anything!! plz plz plz!!! thank you!!!

  3. Oh. Dear. God.

    Okay, Hello Kitty I can endure. In small doses it can be adorable, but fanatics scare me. REALLY scare me. And belly button rings are gross anyway.

    So, something so tacky (because they look like the kind of plastic jewellry you buy in Claires accessories for £2.50) which is also Hello Kitty AND is shoved into someones navel… Ew ew ew ew ew.

    Couch > Having to see your wife wearing one of those.

  4. yes i know but i will never see you so why does it matter if i get one or not
    please just tell me where to get it
    i look everywhere and i can’t find them

  5. I love these! I really find your blog awesome! I like Hello Kitty and I’m 40 LOL Really haven’t figured it out yet but I did buy a clear see through glow in the dark hello kitty bag that I haven’t even used. It was just I dunno… Had to be bought!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  6. oh boy … me and my boyfriend just went over this and we feel so sorry for you! I personally like HK but this is just ridiculous haha … greatest story ever! because it’s so true 😉

  7. OMG ! I love hello kitty but belly rings.. too far. Its cute and pretty scene were I come from but no-one takes it aas far as people I japan do, too much is tackyy. =]

  8. You poor thing! *glomp* I’m so sorry but you and your wife are truly hilarious! To bad you don’t have your own reality show or something. 😛

  9. my mom is obsessed with hello kitty and for her birthday i’m paying for her to get her belly button pierced. so where online might i be able to purchase this adorable piece of body jewelry?

  10. I want one for my bellybutton. I would then need to find something HK for my nipple piercings to match as well. Oh yeah and sarah if you have to ask if piercing something will hurt then you don’t need to get pierced. I have been pierced 25 times and I loved each needle.

  11. I want one for my navel!! I’ve been trying to find a Hello Kitty one for my navel, but the ones I come across are quite ugly. :[

  12. OMG The way you talk is so incredibly funny. Yes I love Hello Kitty probably just as much as your wife, but wow the way you word things is so humorus. I love hello kitty hell. Thank you for keeping my life amused.

  13. I don’t own much HK stuff, but I really want these…
    I don’t hate you for your site, but I hate that I can’t find these and I’ve been looking since I first found your blog… in 2007.


  14. The funny thing about this is that I had my HK belly ring before I saw this post. I love it !! :)… I bought mine at th Sanrio store in Mall at the Millenia in Orlando,FL USA.. They had so mnay !!!

  15. A better answer is to immediately swing around to face her with a look of concern and say “Honey, do you really not like the way you look?” heh heh


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