No Fire In Hello Kitty Hell

I read over on engadget about a recall of a Hello Kitty that can spontaneously combust:

Exploding Hello Kitty

Apparently the chemicals inside the plastic piece aren’t too stable and sometimes leak. This can make the toy start to flame. Of course, upon hearing this, I mentioned to my wife that Hello Kitty can be dangerous. Her answer? She brought out these:

Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher

wife: “Hello Kitty will always be here to protect us”

I realize all of you reading here are still trying to get a grasp of how bad my Hello Kitty Hell is, but we have Hello Kitty fire extinguishers. I sit here thinking it can’t get much worse than that, but the sad thing is that I know when tomorrow comes, somehow it will…

25 thoughts on “No Fire In Hello Kitty Hell”

  1. OMG, that’s hilarious. As I was reading and saw the HK that can catch up flames I was thinking “Gee, all we need now is a HK fire extinguisher” and I almost fell of my chair when I saw them hahaha. BTW, I’m a “closet HK” fan. I come here to read all the stuff your wife has and I feel your pain through my husband eyes when I mention HK to him. He’s soooo happy that we had a boy and not a baby girl. Otherwise you can imagine what the baby’s room would’ve looked like.

  2. I can see that you are truly disturbed and tortured by all this, but perhaps this will ease your pain.

    While it is true that you are constantly subjected to this cruel and inhumane punishment, keep in mind, there are people so afflicted that they actually CREATE the stuff!

    Be grateful to the Gods of Anime and Manga that you do not work in a Hello Kitty Factory and thus do not have to further perpetuate the horror.

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  4. I’ll admit that I’m a HK fan. My husband is as far from a HK fan as he can get.

    With that said, I want a HK fire extinguisher! Please tell me where she found that!

  5. I thought of you recently. I was flipping through an issue of MacWorld and saw a Hello Kitty flash drive. 😀

    DD and I both thought the HK scooter was cute. 😉

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  7. as much as i cry from laughing so hard, i wanted to say, i feel your pain.

    you have a much stronger constitution then i could ever possess.

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  10. I am a volunteer firefighter and I’ve gotta get this extinguisher in time for the holiday gift exchange – where can I purchase an extinguisher?

  11. This entry made me laugh harder than the others. This is the funniest blog I’ve ever seen. Your wife is awesome. I have to go back through the entries and get the link to her store.

  12. I’m totally jealous. I wish my husband would blog about my obsession! I just told him to come to your website and said…he really loves his wife, each blog is dedicated to her obsession, how come you don’t blog about my obsession with Hello Kitty? He just looked at me like I was insane.

    PS — He said that if I bought him Hello Kitty underwear, I would never let him wear it for fear he would “dirty” Hello Kitty. He’s right.

  13. Well the irony is your wife’s obsession may be worth a fortune 20yrs from now, if she keeps things in good shape. So to show your true love for her, here is a web site to check out. For your anniversary you can get her the hello kitty diamond necklace. For $3600.00 at


    I think the other necklace for$ $1,395.00 is much nicer. I saw an advertisement in a high end jewelry magazine for…Yes $35000.00 Oh the price of true love and obsession. So to you I say meow. My daughter loves Hello Kitty and I am happy it is that; and not one of the disgusting things like the brats or the Simpson’s. At least Hello Kitty does not teach smart mouthing parents, potty humor and how to be violent or a tramp. So hats off for a clean character. May your life and your wife be blessed with a thousand hello kitties? But if the obsession is to much, you could start a 12 step program. Hello Kitty annon, and Kitty annon for the spouses of obsessed Kitty fans. HA! Good luck

  14. You know you are really making my day! I realize how horrible your life is right now. But in the midst of my horrible exam week I find it very comforting that I can turn to this page and remind myself that there is someone WAY worse off than I am right now. LOL

  15. Haha thats is proba fatt man haha !!! i would love one of these i would go round spraying people woth taht aha !!!!! Love one of them ina school !!


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