Hello Kitty Laptop & Ipod

My wife got wind that a special Hello Kitty laptop and ipod package will soon be launched in Japan so she wants us to go back there asap. See the problem is that this special offering is being limited to just 100 units so she is convinced that she will be able to resell them for a big profit. My worry is that they will never leave and just be more Hello Kitty Hell product filling up the house. The price also isn’t much of a deal with the pair selling for 248,000 yen (approx. $2100). We will be heading back for the New Year holiday there so I’m praying that they go on sale before then…

Hello Kitty Laptop

Hello Kitty Ipod

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Laptop & Ipod”

  1. I love the laptop, I am currently in the process of custom building my own hello kitty computer system
    everything will be hello kitty, including the custom software.
    I really like your website

  2. hi. i’ve been reading ur entries and its funny. i asked my boyfriend to take a look at it. btw he’s supporting me with my hello kitty madness. He’s even buying me stuff from e-bay. I really like the laptop especially the ipod . too bad it’s pretty expensive. Looking forward for more of your posts.

    Hi to you wife btw

  3. oH! gOsh!! i’m speechless!!! ever since i really loved to collect hellO kitty stUffs!!! *^,^* my dad is really giving it all to me!!! i waNt this!!!

  4. woww O_O i reallly would want that laptop right there. i’ve been tryna look for one but one without TOOMUCH hellokittyness in it (: but i still love her. haha i showed my boyfriend about this website too 🙂 he laughs and is amazed on how many things are hellokitty related nowadays, but he still supports and buys me many things too 🙂 nice website haha.

  5. oh god….now your losing your haters,dude,i rather see Kuromi on that laptop. thats swell thought. (and hi to your wife!)


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