$164,000 Platinum Hello Kitty Figure

It is stores marketing to Hello Kitty fanatics during the Xmas season that by far worry me the most and you know that they are going to come up with some ridiculously expensive items that all Hello Kitty fanatics are going to be drooling over. This is that award goes to Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo which is selling a 590 gram platinum character for 18.9 million yen (approx $164,000). This is apparently the most expensive Hello Kitty figure ever produced (which will undoubtedly be outdone next year because there is always a Hello Kitty fan that is willing to pay more).

Platinum Hello Kitty $164,000 Million

My wife has already printed out the photo and added it to her wish list (yeah, right….) Apparently she comes with seven different hair ribbons made of diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems that can be worn by Hello Kitty or used as a pendant (I need to figure out a way to sever her contacts back in Japan so that she doesn’t learn about these types of things…)

The figure will be on display this Tuesday in a special Christmas section at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store until December 21. I can tell you right now that we will not be heading back to Japan before this date because then we would have to spend every evening going to see it as our entertainment. On the bright side, I’d be a lot deeper in Hello Kitty Hell if I made more money…

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  1. i fee lhis pain on a lot of his posts…..my girlfriend loves diskey almost as much as his wife loves hello kitty. but i don’t get why he does not just tell her….but that is a different conversation altogether.

    but it’s not about not liking iit, but it’s about having so much of this crapt shoved down your throat….

  2. Well I don’t like it and I don’t have any in the house, no one has to shove it on me, I just don’t like it…and I had to do this anon, so no one will come trying ot convince me otherwise!

  3. I had to grow up in Japan when Hello Kitty was “in.” I remember the Hello Kitty food. It just makes you want to heave. My team won Undokai that year. All we got as a prize for winning was a package of dehydrated vegetables with Hello Kitty on it. My sister was so freakin’ mad that she threw it (and a Hello Kitty doll) in front of the subway. It was a fluffy mess. I guess that is how Hello Kitty bleeds. There was still fluff on the track seven hours later.

    Yeah, I don’t like Hello Kitty either.

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  5. OH MY GOSH, how many people are dissing Hello Kitty? Gosh, if you don’t like it MOVE ON!!! Instead of Hello Kitty getting old it’s you people who make it that way!!

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  8. I was just browsing Hello Kitty stuff on the web and came accross your site. I loooove it! It reminds me of an extreme version of me and my husband (although he didn’t find it as entertaining as I did). One thing we were both wondering…. although I’m jealous of your wife, why do you let all the “hell” happen?

  9. my wife and I are preparing to move to Japan for 2yrs next month. She just pointed out your blog to me, knowing I would relate. Frankly, I’m kitty’d out and I haven’t left the US yet. This glimpse into what lies ahead is frightening. I admit however that my wife knows how I feel and would never attempt to replace my standard issue mouse and pad with anything bearing Hello Kitty in any color, size or shape. I smile and accept her love of the nausiating little feline as she hasn’t gone to these extremes yet – but I am genuinely afraid of what the next 24mos may bring.
    It’s good to know I’m not alone.
    I’ll never understand the craze that is HELLO KITTY, but you have to admire the marketing team that has built it up into the monster it is today. I admire and hate them at the same time…#$#@&%

  10. I knew a whole blog could be created of just weird Hello Kitty items, when I started my Japan one, I was shocked at what was out there.
    Essentially everything you can of- there is hello kity version of it in japan.

  11. This platinum beauty makes me wish I was rich (and right after I’d reached enlightenment and didn’t care about worldly goods…ah, who am I kidding? I’ll ALWAYS care about HK!!).

  12. I love Hello Kitty and my house is full of her. I still have all my toys from when i was little and people shouldn’t hate on her. she’s just a kitty!!

  13. i no u wack haters need 2 stop talkin bout hello kitty cause im one of those fans and hello kitty is the stuff and the cutest thing around and if u dont like it tough!!!!!!!

  14. omg like all this h8 for hello kitty i like it but dont love it my best ferind loves HK and i love betty boop how bout you change the subject to betty boop 😀 i mean you all gotta love her well back to HK if you dont like get over it, its like your little skool girls talking about how low that girls skirt is lol. if you can spend all the time you want makeing a site about what you h8 why not make a site bout what you like its much nicer well i have to go now tatar cya and think posertive 😀 😀

  15. That small cat figurine is worth more than my rented three bedroom house!

    It makes me feel so sad to know that people will spend money on junk like that when I, in my increadibly cheap and delapidated rental property, get harassed by charity organisations every month, guilt tripping me into giving money to the less fortunate. They should leave me alone and pick on someone with money to burn on that kind of rubbish.


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