Hello Kitty Extreme Computer Mod

When I get emailed things like this, it sends shivers down my spine. True, I should be thankful that my wife’s computer is not this bad at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get there and surpass it. When I get photos like these, I see my future Hello Kitty Hell. That future is not pretty:

Hello Kitty extreme computer mod

Hello Kitty computer mod

While the person that posted the Hello Kitty laptop computer mod had the sense to label it as “hobbies gone wrong,” I doubt that any Hello Kitty fanatic would view it that way. My wife’s only reaction would be, “Where can I get one of those?!” It’s depressing enough looking at Hello Kitty Hell in the present, but knowing where it is likely going is down right gut wrenching…

Thanks (I think) to Mackenzie via Pink Hello Kitty Laptop

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Extreme Computer Mod”

  1. Man, if I only I had the skills and guts to make my computer look like that. I would do it, but i’m scared of messing up my comp.

  2. Okay, I know this looks beautiful and everything, but I don’t think it is functional. Note that on the linked page, the starting materials include a “broken laptop.” Notice also that the mouse is attached to the computer with a string of plastic beads. Tell your wife to choose something a little less valuable than a laptop to spray paint and glue crap all over. Besides, lovely ready-made HK laptops are available, as we are all aware.


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