Hello Kitty Car Security System

While Hello Kitty Hell hasn’t reached the point where we have a Hello Kitty car (it’s not that my wife doesn’t want one, just that the Hello Kitty cars tend to be small…if they ever come out with a medium sized Hello Kitty car, I’m in real trouble), she has been slowly, but surely turning our regular car into a Hello Kitty car. She has been doing this by adding all kinds of Hello Kitty items to our car, the latest being the Hello Kitty car security system.

Hello Kitty car security system

While all Hello Kitty is a waste of money in my opinion, this has to be right up there near the top. I mean, come on, who in their right mind would steal a car decked out in Hello Kitty?!? Another Hello Kitty fanatic? Wouldn’t that be un Hello Kittyish (see, Hello Kitty Hell makes you come up with new Hello Kitty words). Anyone who would steal it would probably end up having to pay someone to take it off their hands…I don’t see there being a big black market for Hello Kitty themed cars, but then again, nothing about Hello Kitty would surprise me these days…

5 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Car Security System”

  1. I found this blog when searching for the Hello Kitty jet (as my dad is going to Japan in March, & I soooo know he wants to ride it.) /end sarcasm>

    Anyway, this made me laugh so hard reading these. My husband is in the same hell you are, but he loves me so he just has to put up with it. But I get the hang dog looks when heading to the Sanrio store with him in tow. I’m definitely gonna show him this website. He’ll love it. 😀

  2. I can think of one other reason someone would steal a Hello Kitty car – as a mercy crime.

    Like a mercy killing… only not.

    They could steal it and burn it. They get entertained, you get rid of the evil car. Thumbs up all round.

  3. @Leah:
    No worries… big muscular car-thieves with crowbars would never steal a HK car – they couldn’t bare the humiliation of actually trying to sell it later…


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