Hello Kitty USB Feet Warmer

Ever since my wife saw the pimped out Hello Kitty computer mod, she has decided that she needs to make her laptop more Hello Kitty like. Fortunately, she is too afraid to try and pimp out her computer in the same way as the one featured previously. While that is a small consolation prize in Hello Kitty Hell, it is mitigated by the fact that to compensate for not completely decking out the computer, she is purchasing every Hello Kitty add-on computer gadget that she can find. The latest of these being the Hello Kitty usb feet warmer.

Hello Kitty USB Feet Warmer

Now this would be bad enough if I had to look at them daily on her feet, but she also decided I needed my own Hello Kitty usb feet warmer and presented it in a way that I couldn’t really argue. Because our house doesn’t have central heating (which is common in Japan) and because energy prices are so high, getting a feet warmer would save a lot in energy costs as it is the feet that really get cold in winter.

So my choice this winter is to place my feet into those sickly, fuzzy pink foot warmers or let them slowly turn into blocks of ice. Since I still do value the use of my legs, the fuzzy, pink foot warmers usually win out. As I look at my Hello Kitty feet at this moment as I type (this epitomizes Hello Kitty Hell), I realise that there is something very wrong in making a man wear pink slippers of any kind. Isn’t there a law against this, or something? Maybe losing my feet to frostbite isn’t such a bad option after all…

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty USB Feet Warmer”

  1. Oh but there is a Hello Kitty USB HUB. There’s a site called DreamKitty.com that is loaded with useless yet for a girl desirable things with her face plastered all over it

  2. I want one. I want one soon. PLease!!!! Tell me how to get this? And the lapwarmer! I’m not a total fanatic but my hubby hates when I turn the heat on too high– he like cool (sub-zero) and I like warm (over 80F)

  3. This would be a super cool idea if it wasn’t branded with Hello Kitty (yes, I do know I’m commenting on something like two years old.)
    Seriously. Warm feet.
    My computer desk is also in our “rumpas room” which masquerades as my study and the cats room. Which means there is a cat door, and because our cat is so pathetic she can’t even open it properly we have to prop it up. Meaning ice block feet.

    Ever thought of getting like a (even a Hello Kitty) pot of ink or something saying that you want to learn calligraphy and then “accidently” spill it all over the warmers so that it covers the Hello Kitty and hopefully most of the pink?

    Just a random idea – it probably makes no sense to anybody but me lol..

  4. Usb feet warmer sounds nice…. but damned….. NOT in pink and with Hello Kitty on it!

    I will look for something like that in normal colors and without a logo 😀


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