Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover

It should go without saying at this point that Hello Kitty Hell produces dichotomy in my daily life. While the Hello Kitty food would lead one to believe I would gain a great amount of weight, the car that is getting the Hello Kitty make over produces the opposite effect and keeps my weight in check. How does a car keep my weight in check?

wife: “I want you to come to the home improvement store today to help me carry the things I need back.”

me: “OK. I’ll walk and meet you there” (secretly thinking: Am I going to have to ride in the Hello Kitty mobile?)

wife: “The home improvement shop is 7 miles away. That’s too far to walk”

me: “No problem, I’ll run…”

These are the types of conversations I have when the thought of getting into the ever increasingly Hello Kitty decked out car comes to mind. I find that to avoid getting into the car, I’m walking/running all over town (maybe there is a Hello Kitty Hell diet book somewhere in there…) The latest addition to the car came in the form of a steering wheel cover:

Hello Kitty steering wheel cover

Hello Kitty steering wheel cover pink

Now, you know that Hello Kitty Hell has set in when you actually are thankful that the Hello Kitty steering wheel cover is merely pink and not covered in feathers all around the the Hello Kitty computer. I actually almost heard myself saying, “oh, that’s not too bad” before I came to my senses and realised it was a freaking Hello Kitty steering wheel cover. I mean, who in their right mind would ever want to have a Hello Kitty steering wheel cover?

Update: ktdelight was nice enough to let me know I will likely endure more Hello Kitty steering wheel cover hell as there is also a silver version available:

Hello Kitty steering wheel cover silver

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover”

  1. You should really think about letting people bid for the stuff you are showcasing on this site. Everything i see, i want to buy. 🙂
    Unfortunately I don’t see much of the same stuff on your wife’s site.

  2. Just out of curiosity, does your wife wear Hello Kitty make-up? Or use Hello Kitty bath products, soaps, shampoo etc? Your Hell can still get worse.

    Sorry Dood, we are here to support you (and laugh) in your moment of need.

  3. Well….I think your H.K. stuff is FABULOUS! I really want to buy the steering wheel cover and put it on my husbands truck steering wheel for April Fool’s Day!!

  4. Hi there! 🙂 I love your website, and your wife if my hero. This steering wheel cover actually really makes me laugh because my boyfriend HATED my sky blue HK cover (she had the little angel wings and everything!!!). Anyway, when he would drive the car, he kept “accidentally” burning holes in it with his cigarette. 🙁 I clung to it a long time, but eventually it became too scuzzy for Hello Kitty, saint that she is.

  5. Hi i really love hello kitty i have her tatooed on my shoulder if i can get a pic ill send it to u its actually very nice i get a lot of compliments on it newayz i love the pink steering wheel cover where can i find it

  6. Please, please, please… tell me how can you resist with a wife sending you to sleep on the HK thing? How can you let her take possess of the car and transform it in a freak car? I kinda liked Hello Kitty until Today when I found your blog. Now I’m with you.

  7. Amazon.com has a black Hello Kitty steering wheel cover. I just got a new car, so I’ll probably order it in. It only has slight decoration along the rim, not flowers and strawberries and crap everywhere, thank God. I’ve loved HK since I was a kid, but frankly the two wheel covers posted here are God-awful. They look like my grandmother’s couch. :/


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