Hello Kitty Pasta

Yikes…the Hello Kitty Hell food issue is fast becoming a train with no brakes. It has progressed to the point where I’m not sure there is anything I can do to stop it as my wife finds more and more Hello Kitty food that is not pure sugar. Her latest purchase to prove to me that Hello Kitty can be healthy is a box of Hello Kitty macaroni pasta. Even worse, it comes in a decorative Hello Kitty jar so even after the pasta is gone, there will still be more Hello Kitty in the house:

Hello Kitty Pasta Macaroni

Sitting down to a meal with Hello Kitty food on a Hello Kitty plate pretty well sums up the Hello Kitty Hell I’m living in. Why don’t they invent a Hello Kitty garbage disposal…that might be something Hello Kitty I could get into…

Update: I thought that moving away from Japan would allow me to escape Hello Kitty Hell pasta nights — apparently the evil feline was having none of that making her way into foreign countries:

hello kitty pasta

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hello kitty pasta

hello kitty pasta cooked

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And of course someone had to make homemade Hello Kitty pasta as well…

homemade hello Kitty pasta faces

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And now there is Hello Kitty organic pasta:

hello kitty organic pasta

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22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pasta”

  1. Dude, My daughter and I love Hello Kitty…HOWEVER…your wife has entirely too much disposable income. Your posts are hilarious. I kinda feel bad to be indirectly contributing to your misery. (Sorry).

    BTW, my daughter is 11. She has a typical Hello Kitty sprinkled room and few CHEETAH items here and there but your wife has got her beat!!

    I’ll have to send you a pic of her pink, miniature, Christmas tree outfitted with Hello Kitty ornaments. Yes, it’s cute *hanging head in shame* but it’s for an 11 year old. It spins around and plays a melody also. Perfect for your hell. When I send the pic, I will diguise it an a coded email so you know not to read it until your wife is not home. I would hate for her to see it and decide that it was needed. Then, I would see you on a Japanese news report on youtube….”Man slices wrists with Hello Kitty Ornament”.

    I would feel terrible.

  2. Dear J( i dont wanna say your whole name)

    I emailed you 2 weeks ago and i am dying to know where is your wife getting all this stuff from i would like to order it. since you guys dont own a store how is it possible to have access to the most awesome hello kitty stuff. please hit me back im serious as cancer i need to know where i can get some of this stuff because i tried to order from japan but its impossible!

  3. …most awesome hello kitty stuff

    is a phrase that someone that is way too much into Hello Kitty would use (say, like my wife). Feeding addictions that will place other men in misery is, as you might imagine, not on the top of my to-do list. Think of it this way, I am saving you a lot of money 😉

  4. hey i just came across your hello kitty hell page and wow! its the only word that pops in my head..lol..im a hello kitty fanatic to my poor husband’s dismay..i have the bathroom all behello kittied..*poor soul he didnt stand a chance*lol..but i sadly must admit your wife has me beat.*sigh*

    well i dont know if you’ve seen this on the net but i have..you can have a hello kitty image bonded to one of your teeth..i know crazy huh??i was amazed to….

  5. I agree with Sharon, your wife has way too much time and money on her hands, however…hmmm. I collect kitties, faries and dragons and Christian art with just as much passion…although I think I’d feel really odd eating Jesus pasta, um. No. Communion is good enough for me. LOL.

  6. Hey, where did your wife get the Hello Kitty Macaroni? I got one before, but cannot remember who gave it to me and I cant find it anywhere. Pls let me know. Tks~

  7. luvshellokitty:
    thats not hello kitty on the jar thats her twin sister mimmy!

    So what? It’s a damn cat with a stupid bow. Close enough.

  8. aww this is so cute! they need these in the U.S. I’ve had spongebob shaped pasta and dora, but HELLO KITTY would just be amazing <3 especially if they were like all pink! 🙂

  9. Pink HK pasta WOULD be pretty neat. and for whoever named themselves TRUK, I didn’t even know HK had a twin sister. So idk if that was sarcasm or not but it seems you like HK more than I do. lol


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