Hello Kitty Pasta

Yikes…the Hello Kitty Hell food issue is fast becoming a train with no brakes. It has progressed to the point where I’m not sure there is anything I can do to stop it as my wife finds more and more Hello Kitty food that is not pure sugar. Her latest purchase to prove to me that Hello Kitty can be healthy is a box of Hello Kitty macaroni pasta. Even worse, it comes in a decorative Hello Kitty jar so even after the pasta is gone, there will still be more Hello Kitty in the house:

Hello Kitty Pasta Macaroni

Sitting down to a meal with Hello Kitty food on a Hello Kitty plate pretty well sums up the Hello Kitty Hell I’m living in. Why don’t they invent a Hello Kitty garbage disposal…that might be something Hello Kitty I could get into…

Update: I thought that moving away from Japan would allow me to escape Hello Kitty Hell pasta nights — apparently the evil feline was having none of that making her way into foreign countries:

hello kitty pasta

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hello kitty pasta

hello kitty pasta cooked

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And of course someone had to make homemade Hello Kitty pasta as well…

homemade hello Kitty pasta faces

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And now there is Hello Kitty organic pasta:

hello kitty organic pasta

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