Hello Kitty Diamond Ring – Neiman Marcus

There is something seriously wrong in the world when I have to write a blog post about Hello Kitty and diamond rings and feel the necessity to add where the diamond ring is coming from (Neiman Marcus) because it might be confused with other Hello Kitty diamond rings out there. That is just down right pathetic.

So this is the newest ring that my wife has her eyes on:

Hello Kitty Diamond Ring

Of course, it costs over $4,000 (yep, not a typo there), but anyone who reads this blog knows, Hello Kitty fanatics don’t worry about little things like the ring could buy a car (and why stores make utterly ridiculous Hello Kitty items for way too much money – because Hello Kitty fanatics will have to have it).

Which brings yet another one of those Hello Kitty Hell dilemmas. Just the thought of spending $4,250 on a Hello Kitty ring makes me sick to my stomach, but it would mean $4,250 worth of other Hello Kitty junk that would never make it into our house, so it may be in my best interest to encourage her to save for it. It’s Hello Kitty Hell either way…

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  1. The TARGET stores in the States had a very simlar similar ring around the Christmas holidays, although not quite as expensive as this one. It’s exactly the same shaped ring in silver, with her bow being in pink diamonds, and the face being enameled.

    Started at $185 but for the one left in the store, is now half off (I got the second remaining one for that price).

    I’ve also seen the marching piece in a neckalce for $200 (I’m waiting to see if that price will go down).

  2. Wow thats amazing!
    haha my good friend lauren hates hello kitty with a passion she is always saying “hello kitty is a whore”.
    If you are wearing or holding anything hello kitty she wont even come near you.
    …I have started to become a hello kitty fanatic…I am sorry…
    I dont know how it happened XD
    But all my money goes to hello kitty (>_

  3. Just a correction about the Target one (not that Hello Kitty Hell cares): the bow is pink tourmaline gems… I don’t know if the ring has a diamond on it. I know the necklace has a diamond on the bail and its REALLY small like microscopic small (that’s the one I got.) They have a large size pendant too but that was too much money. Anyways, Hello Kitty Hell, if you MUST buy this ring for your wife, wait for it to pop up on ebay. You will probably get it for just under a thousand. Hope that helps!

  4. I think it says something that the first thought I had upon seeing the picture was “eh, could be worse”. I have a friend who is almost this addicted to Winnie the Pooh et al, and I just… don’t understand it. Is there some sort of psychological trigger for this sort of devotion that I’m just missing?

    I have never been so glad that my mother nipped my childhood fondness for Hello Kitty in the bud when she had the chance as I am now after taking a trip through the archives here. Apparently it’s a slippery slope. Thank heavens for a genetically low tolerance for cute. (Although the idea of classicKitty flipping people off will certainly make it easier to tolerate the next time I see something HK themed. Heh.)

  5. To Margaret: In my case personally, the obsession with the cutesy kiddie stuff I think is because I grew up too fast. I left childhood way too early. I never heard of Hello Kitty when I was a kid! I missed out. Anyways, maybe that is Hello Kitty Hell’s wife problem too. Maybe she yearns for childhood. Or maybe she’s just a crazy obsessive type.

  6. Hmm, that may be part of it. As a child I tired of this sort of thing fairly quickly (“7 going on 30” to quote my family) and have no desire to go back. I understand obsessive fandoms- I’m a sci fi/fantasy geek. I just sincerely don’t get the idea of blanketing the entire living space with something, it causes some sort of cognitive disconnect for me. Even with my Winnie/Piglet/Tigger loving friend (who really needs to be stopped- her dog owns Pooh pajamas) it just does not compute.

    Plus the idea of everything around being just so busy is sort of nerve wracking for my OCD personality, completely separate from the theme itself.

  7. If you really love your wife, you will save up some cash and buy this for her. I know that if I got something that wonderful form my boyfriend I would never doubt his love for me, especially knowing he hates Hello Kitty and got me a ring like that. WOW! I would be in love for ever.

  8. welllllllllllllllll, i say if you can *afford* it, then why not………at least she didn’t ask for that pink and white diamond pendant necklace of hello kitty made by kimora lee simmons which is priced at like uhhhhhhhhhhhh over $30,000 (no typo there either unfortunately)…………..

    some people are just crazy spending that much, but it’s no different from my husband wanting a golf cart that he seriously doesnt need either (just another toy for himself and the kids!) ……..but like i said, as long as your bank account can handle that amount…………..then why the heck not!!!!!

  9. My husband just bought me this ring! I just love it to death! It was a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary. Aside from loving Kitty I also wanted it for sentimental reasons. It memorializes my mother who passed away in November from Colon Cancer. She LOVED kitty and it will always remind me of her.

    PS. I have Kitty tattooed on my ankle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. the ring is so beautiful.if you just made it be ten dollars then everybody will by it even me.i want it but it is to much money

  11. Wow! I’ve been waiting for years for the right ring for my fiancรฉe and this is it! I’ve just come into some money so I simply must find one of these for her.

  12. I got one of those in 18 k white gold pave diamonds it’s just that is not a tourmaline but a rose gold crown but I want to sell the damn thing..LOL.. I don’t know why my friend thought I will like it. It is totally not me. Doesn’t fit my personality at all. I’d be glad to sell it for a lot less than the regular price.

  13. That is a Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty Ring so pretty! I am lucky enough to own the Kimora lee simmons wantch and pendant that is HELLO KITTY!!!!! so cute! you should seriously consider getting something from this collection for your wife! she will squeal with delight!

  14. Found the $2,000 ones at Sanrio. com:
    Ice out your fingers in elegance with this “too good to be true” Hello Kitty diamond ring! This diamond pave ring is set to shine in 18K white, rose and yellow gold with onyx eyes and yellow gold nose. Ladies, let your guy know what a cool and unique engagement ring this would be! .60 total carat weight.

  15. Any woman with respect for herself knows her Hello Kitty! And most certainly this fantastic ring!! I have imagined this ring for years now, so happy that it’s finally here. I just hope it’s still there when I finally have saved enough money to buy it… ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Yes i also am getting this ring but you have to find it and its not eazy n m does not have it anymore so look hard and u 2 may have this ring in 6 to 10 weeks to !!! big fan of hello kitty.

  17. So what if people like Hello Kitty and want to buy a Hello Kitty diamond ring. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has his or her tastes. Some people are addicted to cocaine, heroin, porn, or are pedophiles. Now that’s screwed up. Should I spend $4250 on opium instead which helps fund the Taliban and other drug wars around the world? My point is, if you have a problem with Hello Kitty fans, you’re screwed up. I hope you get AIDS and die.

  18. To the poster above ^
    You shouldn’t take the person too serious who wrote this.
    Wishing someone AIDS and to die says more about you than about anyone else who posted here.

  19. this ring is lovely. i saw it on google.
    haha. but isn’t this ring from kimora
    lee simmons collection?? what do you
    mean neiman marcus?? hmm?? (:

  20. I had a comment about suggesting the ring so you could, if necessary, melt it down and sell the raw materials, but then I got derailed by this:

    The really cool thing about this ring is that if your wife gets into a fight, she will leave a Hello Kitty imprint on the face of her victim.

    Hello Kitty knuckledusters! Leaves your opponents adorably bruised for weeks afterwards! Now in pink enamel in four must-have patterns!

  21. Think of it positively, by buying this piece of hello kitty jewellery, your wife has to spend $4000 on a small piece, which is easily hidden out of sight, whereas she might have used the $4000 to buy something huge that takes up space at home.


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