Hello Kitty Stamps Used

One of the biggest problems with living in Hello Kitty Hell is that if Hello Kitty happens to be on something, then that something can’t be thrown out. That means that whenever I open a drawer, something Hello Kitty usually emerges. It’s not enough that all our stamps are Hello Kitty stamps, but it seems that my wife has been collecting all the used Hello Kitty stamps that have been sent to her (and believe me, every letter and package she receives has Hello Kitty stamps on it since everyone knows what a fanatic she is).

Hello Kitty Used Stamps

My question is, what possible use can you have for several hundred used Hello Kitty stamps? It’s just a huge pile that will never be taken out of the drawer, but I can’t say this unless I want to risk ending up out on the sofa in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag (Hello Kitty fanatics don’t like to be questioned when it comes to collecting Hello Kitty). It has absolutely no use, yet it will never be thrown away because it is Hello Kitty. I’m not sure why I even bother trying to find out answers to such questions as it doesn’t matter if anything makes sense to a Hello Kitty fanatic…which typifies Hello Kitty Hell (lots of Hello Kitty making no sense…and me stuck among it all)

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Stamps Used”

  1. I love reading your site.

    Man, get her a stamp album as a gift sometime. I know, you don’t WANT any more Hello Kitty stuff around; but those stamps are sloshing around in some drawer making a mess out of everything.

    I wanted to suggest getting her a NORMAL stamp album – but you know that she’d turn around and THEN pick up a HK album just because. Might as well save some money and buy the latter outright.

    Live is good for you.

  2. Definitely don’t complain about the stamps. Why, they’re not even in a Hello Kitty Stamp Album yet! Just think of it this way: any time she spends saving/organizing the used HK stamps, is time that she can’t be using to acquire more HK items! 😛

  3. wat bout things wrapped in hello kitty wrappers? does that mean if ure wife eats a lollie w/ a hello kitty wrapper then the wrapper lingers around the house after? O_o hehehe

  4. The stamps could be worth money one day. I like Hello Kitty, though not like your wife, and I am a stamp collector (separately). I am looking into finding used Hello Kitty stamps for my stamp collection now 🙂 So at least this is one item you can think of as a future investment… 😛

  5. well all i have 2 say iz as long as u don’t have to wake up and open the drawer and hello kitty pops out and beats u up. that’s ………….


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