Hello Kitty iPod Mini

Well, it has certainly become a classic Hello Kitty Hell day. My last post hasn’t even been up an hour and I’m getting multiple emails that my wife can get a Hello Kitty iPod. It’s not like she really needs encouragement, you know?

Hello Kitty iPod

And when my wife sees the Hello Kitty iPod (which of course I’m trying desperately to hide from her), she looks at me like I’m an idiot and says, “I already have that….why do you think I want the Hello Kitty iPod recharger?”

You can imagine how many Hello Kitty items are in our house when I don’t even know that my wife already has a Hello Kitty iPod…and that, my friends, is true Hello Kitty Hell…

Reader Energist deserves to listen to Hello Kitty music 24/7 for a month for sending the photo which made me look like a fool in front of my wife and made me realize that listening to Hello Kitty music on a Hello Kitty iPod (being charged by a Hello Kitty recharger) in our Hello Kitty car is no longer a possibility, but an inevitability…

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty iPod Mini”

  1. I find this even funnier that your blog is being subscribed by Hello Kitty fans (such as myself) trying to send you more pictures of all the Hello Kitty products out there for you to hate.

    What seems to have started out as a forum to blog about your hell has turned into a Hello Kitty fan forum. LOL

  2. well, have you seen the site that shows you how to hack your ipod so you can have a hellokitty image instead of the boring ipod image?

  3. i’m surprised you haven’t killed yourself yet. hahaha. how can you stand it?? i’m a girl and i do admit that some of the items made me go ‘awww’ but some are just too much! i don’t own anything hello kitty by the way. so you have a comrade here. 😉

  4. Ha ha I find you really funny. I love Hello kitty though, sounds like me and your wife would get alone. Okay so if you don’t want to tell us where to get hello kitty products, why not ask your wife if we can ask her? That would be great.


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