Hello Kitty iPod Car Charger & FM Transmitter

Yikes! It’s bad enough that my wife is slowly turning our car into the Hello Kitty mobile, but now she is getting interested in Hello Kitty car accessories that mold the home and the car together. That can mean nothing except more Hello Kitty Hell in my life. It certainly doesn’t help that readers keep sending me photos of Hello Kitty stuff (come on people, it isn’t like she is lacking in enough Hello Kitty crap to look at already) that once she sees, she naturally (in the distorted and twisted Hello Kitty way) wants — the latest being this Hello Kitty iPod car recharger:

Hello Kitty iPod car recharger and transmitter

Mind you, she still doesn’t even have an iPod (“I’m waiting for a Hello Kitty edition”). That she firmly believes that a Hello Kitty iPod will be available soon scares me in itself, but an even bigger fear is that an iPod will be purchased even without Hello Kitty. Too many Hello Kitty iPod accessories are appearing for her to last much longer.

Life looks pretty bleak when you imagine Hello Kitty Hell in the future: A Hello Kitty iPod playing Hello Kitty music being recharged by a Hello Kitty recharger in a Hello Kitty car. ‘Nough said…

Sent by HKtechfan (via one’s & zero’s) who should have to listen to Hello Kitty music 24/7 for a week for even considering sending me this photo.

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty iPod Car Charger & FM Transmitter”

  1. Please tell your wife if she wants a Hello Kitty CD…I’ll be happy to share a copy with her. I bought mine while traveling through Japan. My husband shudders when I’m singing Japanese children songs that I don’t even know what it means. [Since he speaks Japanese fluently, he is totally grossed out]

  2. “I can guarantee I will never, ever build my wife her ultimate Hello Kitty dream car ” – oh, you terrible husband, you…

    You know, I’m starting to feel bad about thinking it’s funny that someone lives like you do, in that veritable hell. You’re causing me conscience problems. 😐 You’re mean.

    But ultimately, you’ve achieved something you’ll think it’s good, I guess… I loved HK, I udes to stop at every windowshop with HK on it (although I only actually bought something twice, that is one hell of an expensive merch where I live, and I can find more useful destination to my paycheck)… but now I just pass by the shops and remember about your wife, and how I DON’T want to become the tinyest bit like her, in her insanity, and I move on without looking back to the huge HK plush on the window.
    My boyfriend thanks you a lot πŸ˜‰ .

  3. I found this site by chance and was reminded of one of my coworkers in Japan. She was about 35 and her entire apartment was decorated in Hello Kitty, which in Japan means EVERYTHING: rice cooker, dishes, dish sponge, bath accessories, slippers, curtains, furniture, futon, sheets, towels. I went to dinner at her apartment, not knowing, and nearly fainted when I went through the door.

  4. I bought that Hello Kitty iPod Charger. I can tell you it’s crap. I was very disappointed. Tell your wife from one Hello Kitty fanatic to another.

  5. Just get her a pink iPod, go to the sanrio store, get a little Hello Kitty decal she likes, and stick it on the back.

    Ghetto rigged. πŸ˜›

  6. I know this is really late, but they did come out with a hello kitty edition ipod and I have that transmitter, it works really well.

  7. you know, there are stickers that you can put on your ipod that instantly transforms it into a hello kitty ipod…
    trust me, i have one. πŸ˜‰

  8. I feel so sorry for you, though, if youre with her, etc, why does she put you through this hell, if she knows you hate it?
    xD Also, sorry hon, but the hello kitty ipod is already out. it’s an ipod mini, with a creepy blind bear to match.

  9. the BEST iPOD transmitter ever! I have not been able to find one as good as Hello Kitty. got it for 40 bucks at target. I have an off white PT Cruiser convertible, so me and HK had matching cars-LOL, I accidentally dropped and broke her, haven’t had a good iPod FM transmitter since her…


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