Hello Kitty Bicycle Tire

There are things that you begin to expect when you live in Hello Kitty Hell. You take for granted that standard items are going to come in a Hello Kitty edition. If they make a Hello Kitty car, it seems pretty obvious they also make a Hello Kitty bicycle:

Hello Kitty bicycle

But Hello Kitty is never satisfied with merely coming in obvious forms. She always takes it a step further by placing her face on items that make you stop and wonder what the hell was someone thinking?!?

Hello Kitty bicycle tire

Then it dawns on you that the person who thought of that knew that there were Hello Kitty fanatics in the world and even though it makes absolutely no sense at all, it will become a best seller and make them a lot of money. Unfortunately, part of those riches are coming from my wife.

wife: “If we get those tires, then we can ride through the mud and we can leave a trail of Hello Kitty where ever we go!”

me: … (unable to utter a sound as I think of how utterly disgusting that thought is)

It seems appropriate in Hello Kitty Hell that Hello Kitty would leave a trail of herself everywhere we went. While that may be a dream for a Hello Kitty fanatic, it is just one more confirmation that no matter how bad you think Hello Kitty Hell can get, there is always something around the corner to remind you the worst is yet to come (it is only a matter of time before they start making Hello Kitty tires for cars…)

I believe that compound punishment should be bestowed when a guy, as in this case with zbicyclist, sends me Hello Kitty photos…there is something very wrong when Hello Kitty Hell takes a step in that direction.

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bicycle Tire”

  1. These are similar to my Hello Kitty flip flops that leave Hello Kitty faces when I walk through water! hehe 😉

  2. HK Author~
    You do realize you are creating more hell for other spouses by letting them know about other items…. I guess misery loves company.

  3. The tires are kinda ok – one’s gotta be actually looking for the trail in order to find it. Too bad the rest of the bycicle is too flashy.

    Hello Kitty Hell man: I noticed the “we” in the “wife: “If we get those tires, then we can ride through the mud and we can leave a trail of Hello Kitty where ever we go!â€?. Stupid question: does that mean you’ll have to get your HK bike as well? 😐 And if so, what are the chances of you surviving a simple “honey, I think I’ll stick to my old [regular] mountain bike instead, ok?” 😐

  4. didn’t you realise what you could do if you had this wheel… you can shove not only one but heaps of the annoying hello kitty faces into the mud where they will never be seen again… until your wife washes the wheel… but then you get the enjoyment of doing it again 😀

  5. i have this bike and i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! i ride it asmuch as i can so that everyone can see it! it makes me so happy when i ride my hk bike!

  6. omg… some one make this tire to fit cars!!!!!!!!!!
    it would be the revolation to my little car that i have pimped out hello kitty style!!!!!!!

  7. I love Hello Kitty, so much so I understand your pain as I see it through my husband’s eyes as he washes his face with pink HK washclothes, using HK kitchenware, and staring at the items I wear with the evil kitty. Secretly (until now) I love her just for the torment factor. She does not smile (or frown) and in some of the graphics — looks like she is flicking off those who don’t “get it”.

    More bad new for you and great news for me. Not really new but still badass. //www.evaair.com/html/b2c/english/eva/News/2005/new20050521.htm

    I was very upset when hubby did not fetch HK TP from the plane when he was on one on “accident”. See this cool flash page: //evakitty.evaair.com/int_exp.htm Click on the Start button for more mayhem. bwa ha ha.

  8. Well, if someone decided to put those tires in my most honorable mountain bike, the first thing I’d do would be driving through a pile of manure and leaving little HK faces in the brown, smelly stuff!

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  10. Those tires look dangerous, actually. They have no grip and no way to sluice water or mud out of the tread, so if it’s at all wet outside there’d be a substantially increased risk of the tires losing friction with the road and the rider losing control.

  11. I love my bike. The bike isn’t actually all that flashy although it is heavy (very much so when i need to carry it upstairs to my dorm room when I go back home). I’m short, so I had to get the hello kitty bike customized to a 24″ because it’s usually a 26″. It cost $400about…probably a little more. I even have a cute same pink color hello kitty bike basket to match muahahaha. My bike’s been through a lot because I use it for school, but it’s holding itself up fine.

  12. I love my hello kitty cruiser more then life itself!!! I know not very mature for a 48 year old mom/professional. But I need new tires/tubes! Any one know where I can find? !!! Please advise!!!!


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