Hello Kitty Food Stamp

Well, this little Hello Kitty email pretty much guaranteed Hello Kitty Food Hell for the rest of my life. Now not only can my wife search for all the Hello Kitty branded food out there to torture me with, but if for some reason she’s in a hurry or can’t find a particular food that comes with Hello Kitty, she can simply brand it with a Hello Kitty stamp:

Hello Kitty food stamp

Just thinking about all the food my wife can now Hello Kittify is nauseating in itself. Even worse, there is no doubt that Hello Kitty Hell has reached a new pinnacle of Hellishness when you not only are surrounded by her 24/7 on the outside, but she is also slowly moving her way through your bowels day and night…

Obviously, eemcginnis who passed this photo my way deserves to eat as much Hello Kitty food as I will eventually have to eat…

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Food Stamp”

  1. Hello ^^
    I’m french and I like very much your blog, it makes me smile every time I see it ^^ I hope the Hell you live in will get better, you have all my encouragements… I found this website, I hope your wife will enjoy it 🙂
    Keep smiling!


  2. I saw you posted on Skeezix’s Scratching Post under what he wrote about my Sweet 16th Birthday. I have a Hello Kitty Fan Club on Catster and we love coming to your site!! You have found so many great Hk items 🙂

  3. Well look at it this way, with the stamp at least you’ll get variety.

    Actually if you can get your wife to make you Hello Kitty bento you’ll have different food all the time but still cute.

  4. Tell your wife I found something she will love and you won’t hate .Its a lazer light that will light up on a wall or any surface in color Hello Kitty with a snow cap and head phones it is fun to light up the room with a Hello Kitty.

  5. does she have the hello kitty toaster? cause it toast a hell kitty face on the bread, and the hello kitty waffle maker makes four different sized hello kitty headshaped waffles. yum!


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