Hello Kitty Guitar – Fernandes & Fender

My wife has a Hello Kitty guitar:

Hello Kitty guitar - Fernandes

Hello Kitty guitar - Fernandes

Hello Kitty guitar - Fernandes

Now, any normal person would assume that if a person buys a guitar, they know how to play or have an interest in learning how to play the guitar. This logic, however, escapes the Hello Kitty fanatic. Not only does my wife not know how to play the guitar, she has absolutely no interest in learning how to play. Despite this, she has to have a Hello Kitty guitar because it is “sooooo cute” (I think these two words really should be banished from the English language).

Even worse? I’m not even allowed to play it. The other day, I thought It would be cool to learn to play a little and decided to get the guitar out to try. Now I know that a man playing a Hello Kitty guitar doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot toward creating a manly image, but I figured I was at home and nobody was ever going to see this indiscretion on my part. So I have it out and am about ready to play when all Hello Kitty Hell breaks loose

Now if there is anything worse than a Hello Kitty fanatic, it’s a Hello Kitty fanatic that is angry (note to all men who have the true misfortune to be involved with a Hello Kitty fanatic – don’t, under any circumstances, touch her Hello Kitty stuff without her permission).

wife: “Don’t you even think about playing that guitar. What if you accidentally scratch it?!?”

me: “What’s the use of having a guitar if you aren’t even going to play it?” (thinking: oops, should have stopped that before it came out)

wife: “You don’t understand anything. You don’t have to play to hear the music that Hello Kitty brings to everyone. All you have to do is look at it and you can hear the music.”

me: “…” (thinking: ?????????)

Which pretty much sums up Hello Kitty Hell – lots of Hello Kitty goods that have a use, but can’t be used for their intended purpose because Hello Kitty is on them (don’t worry, if none of that made sense, it just means you’re not a Hello Kitty fanatic which is a good thing)

Of course, now there are other Hello Kitty Guitars that have been made and my wife is considering which (or all if she can find the money) to add to her collection:

Hello Kitty Fernandes Collectors’ Edition

Hello Kitty guitar - Fernandes Collectors Edition

Hello Kitty Fender Stratocaster Limited Edition

Hello Kitty guitar - Fender Limited Edition

Hello Kitty Fender Stratocaster (pink)

Hello Kitty guitar - Fender

Hello Kitty Fender Stratocaster (black)

Hello Kitty guitar - Fender black

Hello Kitty Fender Mini (pink)

Hello Kitty guitar - Fender mini pink

Hello Kitty Fender Mini (black)

Hello Kitty guitar - Fender mini black

Too many readers to list sent me photos of these guitars – may you all have to listen to Hello Kitty theme songs played on the guitar each day for the rest of your lives…

45 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Guitar – Fernandes & Fender”

  1. You should come in France with your wife, it is very hard to found that much Hello Kitty products. Here, I only saw one type of guitar whereas you have a dozen of models in the United States…

  2. I don’t play guitar so my obsession with HK is limited to things I find useful (but won’t use)…do they have a HK piano? or keyboard?

  3. I actually got to see some of those live the other day, and I nearly cried. I’m not a guitar fanatic, but I respect the instrument. And all that pink hurt even my girlish eyes. If it was intended for kids, then it would be ok… but no kid would handle that Fender.

    About your wife… Man, how can I put it without offending her? ……… I can’t, can I? :-X Ok, so I won’t say anything.
    I’ll just keep on having fun with this site, and wondering if you really think this is hell… Because if I were a man living with such a woman, I’d get the divorce way before I made a site out of my misery. 😛 So she’s gotta be something spectacular in some aspect we don’t know. Hope she is.

    *shite, I said it. sorry*

  4. “You don’t have to play to hear the music that Hello Kitty brings to everyone. All you have to do is look at it and you can hear the music.â€?

    That is the best quote EVER.

  5. I know you secretly love Hello Kitty, it’s ok, you can release and not hide your inner cute, you love Hello Kitty, embrace her for she loves you too!

    Did I freak you out? 😉

    But seriously, for a guy who seems to not like Kitty-chan, you really spend a *lot* of time on your posts ne?

  6. My husband and I got my daughter the Hello Kitty black Fender Strat. It rules. She practices more than she did with her starter guitar, so it was worth it. Just sayin’. =D

  7. Man, the Fernandeses are both REALLY pretty.

    Last Christmas Santa brought me the Badtz Maru Fender Bronco bass, which isn’t bad really for an entry-level 3/4 size instrument. And man do I ever love that cranky penguin.

    Hello Kitty Fender In Pink BELONGS TO ME!!
    I got it as an early birthday present =]]]]]]]]]
    I’m so so SO happy

  9. “You don’t have to play to hear the music that Hello Kitty brings to everyone. All you have to do is look at it and you can hear the music.�

    Okay, I think this has officially crossed the line into cult status. I’m suddenly having visions of her white and pink clad acolytes, and it’s pretty damn scary.

  10. Coming from a female guitarist who has been playing for 12 years:
    That is the most revolting thing I have ever seen. I wouldn’t be seen dead playing it for fear of my artistic integrity.
    Having a guitar purely for decoration sounds like the biggest waste of money ever. She should be ashamed of herself. They are made to be played. Some dedicated impoverished child musician somewhere would love a guitar they could play and your wife goes and buys one she will never play. That is stupid.
    Not that I blame her for not playing it though. As I said..I wouldn’t be seen dead playing it.

  11. Here in Finland we have had those guitars for few years now.
    I almost died when i saw my first one, it was that black fender – and when i saw the picture of pink i started to squel.. in front of a music shop in Finland’s capital Helsinki.. Ppl were looking me like.. Well you know..
    Then i dragged all my friends to see it and some of them cried out loud too. and now that i live here in middle Finland they havo come here too in this last year, and always they put them to the window for some wierd reason. (i’m guessing it’s because we have a still rising anime and manga maddness going on) here will be a lots of girls who will bui those guitars and basses because they have HK.

    Yes, and i was thinking the same. But i think it went out of my mind, because i saw them more, so i know that there won’t be just one. or two but several, and one can order more.

  12. they actually have a few of these at my favorite music store. it’s absolutely sad. what kind of self respecting musician would play it? I know I wouldn’t touch that thing with a 10 ft. pole. if you want to learn how to play though, get a guitar of your own. just so the mrs. can’t bug you about it.

  13. I am a guitarist, and I love the Hello Kitty Stratocaster. Of course I just HAD to upgrade the pickup and tuning machines besides completely rewiring it (and a failed Bigsby mounting, haha!) but at this point it is the only guitar I play. Seriously. My theory is that the guitar world is so completely corporatized at this point, why try to cover it up? Have fun AND consume…conspicuously.

  14. I once left a girl because she told me to “stop playing guitar please, I want to watch television.”, just walked upstairs, packed my things and moved out without saying a word.
    I’ve just bought a hello kitty strat, and rest assured, i’m not going to be careful with it.

  15. A stratocaster. They actually made a Hello Kitty stratocaster. The person who did that, deserve to have it smacked into his/hers head. Repeatedly.

  16. if you only emigrated to Malta, you won’t ever find hello kitty stuff here unless you get it from ebay ofcourse… So nice to be able to live in a HK-free world 🙂

  17. Say what you want, but Hello Kitty has transcended kitsch, cute, and all to achieve “All your bases are belong to us” stature. I got a Hello, Kitty mini-strat and couldn’t be more pleased.

  18. I sort of have to say this.
    Even though I do understand the horrors you go trough in everyday life .(By the way, does your wife ever do anything that doesn’t involve annoying you with Hello Kitty?)
    I own a black Fender Strat Hello Kitty electric guitar and am not ashamed. It’s a fine guitar (I have another Fender Strat so I’m used to them) and, awful as it is, something needs to bring girls into the guitar community. If it takes Hello Kitty then we’ll just have to deal with that. More girls have to play guitar.
    But not the pink ones. They just disgust me. And do nothing in terms of making anyone take female guitarists seriously. Ick.

  19. I agree with Margret– more girls need to put down the clarinets and pick up some strings.

    I also have the black HK strat and it sounds GREAT for the price. Well, anything sounds great with a Marshal amp (forget the HK/Fender personal amp, it’s cute but unreliable) I could be playing the HK toaster through that amp and it would sound awesome.

    Artistic integrity be damned, I play for fun and the HK strats are FUN.

  20. While I am also a fan of Hello Kitty and a wife I empathize with you. I would want some of those guitars BUT I would actually use them. lol If I had that one at least I wouldn’t have to worry about my husband trying to pick up my guitar >.< lol

  21. I’m not going to lie, I have the pink fender, but it says hello kitty on it in the blank spot to the left of her face. My boyfriend, who openly supports my habit, bought me this guitar and admits it’s one of the best fender’s he’s ever played. He loves it, and he has 6 guitars. However, what I hate to admit is that I have this guitar JUST for looks, I can’t play, but had to have it, I have the strap and pics, too. I look oh so cute NOT playing… ah, the addiction never ceases…

  22. I want one to smash and/or set on fire. I wanted to get a crappy guitar to do that with, as i love my guitar too much, and with one of these, I could also destroy hello kitty, which does the impossible in making this even more fun.

  23. My 6 year old daughter wants a hello kitty guitar for christmas – have you any suggestions as to the best one to get? many thanks

  24. Get her one of the Fender Statocasters, but not a mini– I was playing around with the minis in a music shop and the higher notes on all the strings are off.

    My daughter is 6 and loves playing around with my black strat.

  25. Say what you want, but Hello Kitty has transcended kitsch, cute, and all to achieve “All your bases are belong to us” stature. I got a Hello, Kitty mini-strat and couldn’t be more pleased.

  26. I actually own the pink Hello Kitty Squire Strat and have played it live in my quirky thrash metal band on stage while opening for Green Jello.
    It should be noted that these are Squire Strats and not the quality of a “Fender Stratocaster”. When you tack on Squire, it’s about half the price, twice as cheaply made, and goes out of tune quite easily.
    This Hello Kitty Squire Strat is, however, the best Squire I’ve ever played. It has a single humbucker on the bridge (instead of 3 single coil pickups), so you get the edgier sound you would want for hard rock/metal. I’ve played this through my nice Marshall tube half stack and it sounds surprisingly decent.

  27. A beginner who doesn’t mind having only one pickup could do worse than the Hello Kitty Strat. As was touched on in a previous comment, it’s important to get the guitar you want, even if it’s for reasons of aesthetics or brand loyalty. You’ll be motivated to play it, and that’s a huge factor, especially for kids.

    Unfortunately these guitars are being sold on eBay for far more than they’re worth now that they’re no longer in production.


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