Hello Kitty Strawberry

It’s bad enough that Hello Kitty comes in all its man-made shapes and forms, but Hello Kitty Hell gets even worse when Hello Kitty appears naturally. Hello Kitty fans believe this is some divine intervention showing that Hello Kitty is loved by all rather than the obvious truth that it was simply a grotesque mutation that should have never appeared on earth. That is the case with this latest photo that was sent to me:

Hello Kitty strawberry

Wife: “That is the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Scientists should really sit down and think of away to genetically make strawberries to look like Hello Kitty. If they did that, everyone would want to buy strawberries.”

There is probably a scientist at Sanrio right now working on a way to make this possible because that is exactly how Hello Kitty Hell works…

Reader hksweet (what the hell is with all these “hk” usernames visiting this blog?) deserves to taste only strawberry for the rest of her life for sending this photo to me (and even more punishment if it ever becomes a cash crop).

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Strawberry”

  1. i think they’d prolly just put a hello kt mold for the strawberries to grow into – that way they force it to become deformed into that “cute” shape

    they did that to watermelons so that it grows into a cube


    you’d think these scientists could prolly hav spent the time and money on things like cure for cancer….

  2. I just stumbled across your blog by accident while looking for the Hello Kitty perfume for my niece. I have to say, your hell is now my entertainment. ha, ha, ha. 🙂

  3. random kt freak seems to be suggesting ‘Bonsai Hello Kitty Strawberries’, just like Bonsai Kitten (kitten grown in a jamjar), which caused all that outrage even though it was only ever an urban legend.

    Shame on you, Hello Kitty Abuser.

  4. “random kt freak seems to be suggesting ‘Bonsai Hello Kitty Strawberries’…”

    not suggesting – just saying its prolly not a far fetched idea for sanrio afta seeing what they are capable of in this blog 😉

  5. This is quite interesting. Your suffering is fun to read about. Maybe you should write a book, and the proceeds go to building yourwife a HK home!

  6. Your wife’s got a point. Why not use HK evil for nutritional good?

    Dude, you make more HK fruits and veggies, and world-wide obesity rates will drop like a rock!

    😉 Have HK giving food to under-priviliged countries, and we can friggin achieve world peace! 😉 LOL

  7. I wonder how she got the whiskers one. It could have grew from the strawberry or she sewed them on. Either way that strawberry is inedible now.

  8. You know, when I first saw the title of this post, I thought, y’know, strawberry. As in, someone so addicted to Hello Kitty that they’re hocking what their momma gave them on a street corner.

    I can tell you, I was deeply relieved when I saw the fruit.


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