Hello Kitty Surfboard

My wife’s latest Hello Kitty want is a Hello Kitty surfboard:

Hello Kitty surfboard

No, of course she doesn’t know how to surf.
No, of course she doesn’t want to learn to surf.
No, of course she doesn’t want to even consider taking it to the beach (“It might get scratched by the sand.”)

She has determined that it would make a cool wall hanging for a Hello Kitty summer theme room/house decorating. From the sound of her latest talking, it looks like I can expect seasonal themed Hello Kitty Hell to look forward to from now on…

Update: An alternative pattern to put more fear into your summer:

Sent in by Laura

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Surfboard”

  1. Just out of curiosity, do you ever get a say in what happens in your life? Although I find your life hilarious — it also seems to me like a little balance is in order.

  2. Like Siouxie asks, is there anything in your life, that you LIKE?

    Or is there a slight possibillity, that you secretly LIKE the HKH and the attention everyone gives you by reading the site……?

    Like my comment-upper-neighbour, I love the way you describe your Hell, no question about that!

    GReetings from Holland, Floralia

  3. Probably some (or many) of the Hello Kitty goods are intended for collectors.
    However, “Surfboard” is designed for “Surfboard” and it does the job when it is used as a Surfboard. I feel a pity for them when I hear so many wonderful Hello Kitty goods are sitting in your house (except Hello Kitty Toilet Tissue).
    I’m not a collector so that I probably never ever understand their mind set.

    BTW, I think most (99% or up) of husbands in the world live in similar hells.
    You are just living in a hell, which is hilarious to us.

  4. Hello person who is living in Hello Kitty Hell.

    I want to thank you for making this website and explaining in great detail about your wife’s addition to Hello Kitty and all of it’s cuteness. I myself fine Hello Kitty adorable but have not yet purchased any of the products because my fiance and I are on tight budgets and we need to save everywhere we can. We agreed that once we are both in better financial positions that I would be able to buy an item every now and then; this was until I read your website and I decided that because of my addictive nature (I tend to collect clothing mostly, I will have one of everything from certain stores, all purchased before I had bills like rent and food to pay for) that it would be best if I never buy anything from a Hello Kitty store because I know I would never use it if it were something that was supposed to be used and I don’t need any more stuffed animals (we already got rid of most of the ones that I had and now I have a chair that all of the ones I have sit on and I am not allowed to go beyond what will fit on the chair and that is already overly full).

    So while I find Hello Kitty extremely cute (I found your site because I was searching for the Hello Kitty I-Pod that I really, really want but have not be able to find a way to purchase, I want the one with the pink bear like speakers) I now know that it is in my best interest to leave Hello Kitty alone and just look but not touch when we go into the stores.

    Thank you very much for making this site, you have most likely helped prevent my fiance from sinking into Hello Kitty Hell (he doesn’t seem to mind going into the stores every once in a while, it’s only about once every two or three months so not that often and I just go to see what is new there because they change the inventory so often).


  5. Where can I get that super cute hello kitty surfboard. I don’t surf either! However, I MUST have one! I wish I would be sent to Hello Kitty Hell too!

  6. All good things come to those who wait.

    Met this shaper/owner several years ago at the Huntington Beach Hello Kitty boardfest (Sanrio no longer sponsors this event). Very nice guy and extremely knowledgeable. He is the only surfboard shaper authorized to use the Hello Kitty design on his boards at that time. Looks like he is still making the boards.

    Now if someone can help me find the Hello Kitty skateboard deck then I will be in your debt ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I own this exact Hello Kitty surfboard. The company I used to work for created Hello Kitty Boardfest in Huntington Beach, CA back in 2004. We brokered the deal between the shaper, Rocky, and Sanrio to produce these exclusive boards. Since I helped create the concept, I was given the first board. It has been wrapped up and sitting in my garage. I have been considering selling it on ebay…

  8. I have one of the orginal hello kitty surfboards from the 04 hello kitty boardfest in huntington beach, CA. It is the exact one pictured above with the life size hello kitty!! Eventhough I am a die hard hello kitty lover ……I am thinking of selling due to returning back to school…..It saddens me…..board has never been used…..been covered and protected….I have the fins for it if someone did want to utilize it for what it was made for…


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