Hello Kitty Piano – Roll Up Style

You know that Hello Kitty Hell is getting bad when my wife wants something Hello Kitty and I think, “Well, at least it’s not as bad as it could be.” That was my thought when she announced that she wanted the Hello Kitty roll-up piano:

Hello Kitty keyboard

Hello Kitty piano

While any normal person would take one look at that and simply say, “Why the hell would anyone need that?” living in Hello Kitty Hell warps your perceptions. My initial reaction was, “At least it’s not a full sized Hello Kitty piano monstrosity.” (Yes, I know — very, very sad)

As with all of the Hello Kitty musical instruments my wife has to have for her collection, she has no desire to ever play it (at least I hope so – Hello Kitty themed songs on a piano would be pretty damn hellish). This is what Hello Kitty Hell has done to me – I am actually hoping that my wife buys Hello Kitty stuff that she will never use and can be stored away so that they don’t have to be seen — pretty pathetic…

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Piano – Roll Up Style”

  1. like, i love hello kitty. and you’re little hello kitty bashing website is just amazing ;]

    i also thought you’d just love to see these and eat hello kitty sandwitch things for the rest of forever.
    i might ;D

  2. Please stop your wife from spending her money for a so useless thing like this!!!

    -for your wife- If I were in you I would ask my husband to buy for me a full sized HK piano!!! 😉

  3. actually i’m a big fan of hello kitty too,,
    but,, wow man, if i were you i think i probably would go to rehabilitation center, suffering from hello-kitty phobia, and would never ever want coming home before all those hellish stuffs had all removed. you’re tough!

    *your wife’d better give the money to charity or save some money for stop global warming action*

  4. I don’t think this is necessary and part of hello kitty collection. I would rather spend money on more practical stuff.

  5. hello kitty is not only the best thing in the world but she is i also the hottest thing goin round!!
    ur wife obiously has good taste in merchindice and bad taste in men if u despise hello kitty that much…hell is definatly not a word that cums to mind wen we think of hello kitty… so get ova it spend ya money on EVERYTHING hello kitty that u can get yor hands on nd peace out…
    [x] o [x] o

    antz and soph

  6. Awww! South africa has no cute tosters,fridge’s etc as you guys do!! If i could I would get EVERYTHING in my house of it!

  7. hellooooo
    that is a really cool piano and i think that you are tbh really mean to be showing it off
    tbqh….. that is sooo selfish most people (who are hello kitty fans) would love to own that piano and probally come right to your door to collect it
    tbh… you could make soo many people happy by putting that up for sale but noo…….what do you do but put a really nice picture on the web for all hello kitty fans to drool over

    tbqh thats unfair….

  8. i own many instruments and have never seen anything like that before, it looks awful, it makes me feel bad, but can you imagine how the piano feels


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