Hello Kitty Lego

It was a night on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag last night because I let a minor thought slip out of my mouth. I should know by now, but sometimes it just happens. My wife received an email with Hello Kitty made of Lego’s:

Hello Kitty lego

Hello Kitty lego figure

wife: “Isn’t she cute?!”

me: (under my breath) “very appropriate, she’s got no brain.”

wife: “I heard that!”

me: (realising what I had just done) “No, no, you heard me wrong…I said ‘she has no rain’ as she is always happy and smiling and full of sunshine” but it was too late

wife: simply points at closet and sends me to get the Hello Kitty sleeping bag

Typical Hello Kitty Hell moment…

Photos from Brickshelf.com

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Lego”

  1. Hello Kitty legos and the loss of the “smash” hello kitty poll on top of it all, sleeping on the couch. OUCH!

  2. LOL…as soon as I saw the second picture, i said the same as well. Hey, I love Hello Kitty too [and i collect stuff], but some of this stuff is kind of…ok, some of it’s ridiculous to collect.

  3. You know, sleeping on the couch in the hello kitty sleeping bag seems to be a theme through your blog. I do hope it doesn’t happen quite as much as you say it does. Surely the bed is as much yours as it is hers? Does she sleep on the couch when your feelings are hurt?

    Of course, your misery is our entertainment. A toast to your caving to the Kitty’s wishes.


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