Hello Kitty Barbie

While nothing should ever mix with Hello Kitty, some things mixing are worse than others. My wife was overjoyed to get this bit of news: Hello Kitty Barbie is coming. I’m praying that it is a one off deal and not an extended series because Barbie and Hello Kitty all over the house might put me over the edge (yeah, I know, I’m already there)

Hello Kitty Barbie

You know when the press release statement makes you want to vomit that it isn’t going to be good:

Hello Kitty, now loved by girls and celebrities not only in Japan but also in the world, and Barbie, universally admired by women as a high-fashion avatar of girls’ dreams will be together.

Unfortunately, I know my wife will be getting as many as possible since it is a limited edition worldwide run. Apparently only 1500 of the Hello Kitty Barbie will be made. When combinations like this are announced, I know that the people at Sanrio are coming to this blog and laughing…

Emailed from Tyra who deserves to have to play with Hello Kitty Barbies for the rest of her life for tipping off my wife about these…

Update: Did you really think that they would stop at one?

hello kitty barbie

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  1. > There is another Hello Kitty Barbie .. this is the second one made.

    Correctly saying, the ‘second’ one is the first one tried in the market but sold in Japanese market exclusively.

    Those companies know how to exploit consumers!

  2. I am sorry for you… only because my husband all ready lives in that hell. He has commented lately that he is feeling over run!
    I collect both barbie & hello kitty. Really, you are in for an overrun. Trust me! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. thought you might like to know that there are over 50,00 official HK products worldwide … your wife is falling behind …

  4. wow, i got really excited when i saw the thing in my email for hello kitty Barbie, but when i saw the picture i got really disappointed. Barbie looks so pouty, it looks like she’s gonna blow someone.
    I really hate all of you people out there that love the really girly hello kitty stuff like this.
    and that is
    I have a hello kitty tattoo, and lots of thongs and lacey underwear bits, and some great evil teeshirts. Don’t get me wrong, hello kitty is my goddess of cuteness, but i got a tattoo of her on my shoulder because she sits on it much like jimminy cricket from the famous pinichio. She is my conscience.

  5. well well…..yeah thats the second…
    there was alos a big doll with kitty stuff ..you could actually draw on the dolls dress or something…sick..anyway i had it and sold it..aren’t you proud of me!?

  6. It’s not only husbands who are relegate to hello kitty hell. I’m queer, and my partner often laments at the hello kitty state of our life. For example, at my desk at work, looking around I spy 15 hello kitty items (including the T-shirt I’m wearing). At home, we have a variety of blissful hello kitty things, such as stickers, and dolls, and the toaster, juicer, water cooler and waffle maker. I made my partner hello kitty waffles for hys birthday! Ok, so they were more for me, but still! Hello kitty rocks.

  7. Hello my dear. I’m a demented artist who was out looking for cheap Hello Kitty merchandise (this does not exist) to make into demented art. After looking at far too many pink and purple pages, I typed “Hello Kitty in Hell” into the Google search, because that was how I was feeling. To my delight, your site appeared. You have shown me that I cannot claim to know Hello Kitty Hell; I have barely dipped a toe into Hello Kitty Purgatory. You are a good man for tolerating your wife’s obsession, and an entertaining man for putting it on the internet.

  8. can i just say that in hello kitty we trust is NOT a good idea. Replacing God with hello kitty has gone a little far.

  9. well this not as bad because barbie is made for kids and it is just her clouse at least she dosent have wiskers

  10. while i admit i enjoy reading most of your laments about living in hellokittyhell, it always amazes me that you think your wife won’t find out about the latest hello kitty products – where there’s a hello kitty will, there’s a hello kitty way (and you can quote me on that one). “hellokittyhell.com” just makes it easier for her! surely you must have seen some kind of signs that this behaviour was ingrained before you said your “i do”s…… as someone who has some of the very first hello kitty items produced & has owned them since their original release there is absolutely no way a man with working eyeballs in his head and any listening skills (selective or not) could ever not know about my enthusiatic interest in all things hello kitty. (as a matter of fact i am almost tempted to e-mail you a photo of me standing next to a hello kitty automobile that was taken in the parking lot of a temple near kamakura just to add to the selection of hello kitty cars your wife wants.) the fact that she willingly shares hello kitty with you and even gets you your very own hello kitty things speaks profoundly of the unselfish love she has for you. be happy that she is in your life and remember – you could have married someone with a strong attachment to barney…. i love you… you love me……………

  11. BEAUTIFUL doll! I love the hello kitty doll. She was a pink edition in the States, which means PLENTY were made, WAY more than 1500. I think my local target had about 100 on clearance around Christmas time. lol
    The 1500 is just for Japan I think.

  12. dear kitty hater: i have the one with the white jacket,since i am barbie collector and trader,my mom in law gifted it to me and its a sweet combination of two of my favorite passion/business,my auntie has other doll for me at san diego,so i hope to get it soon!,your blog makes me laugh and chill,because i am into hk,but no that much to become my hubby life a living hell,hugs and kisses,not kittykisses,just kisses ๐Ÿ™‚


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