Hello Kitty Toilet Seat

Of course, since my wife wants to have a Hello Kitty bathtub, a Hello Kitty toilet and basically a Hello Kitty pimped out bathroom, then it is essential to have a Hello Kitty toilet seat to go along with it:

Hello Kitty toilet seat

Sometimes in Hello Kitty Hell there are no words to describe what you’re feeling when the add-ons to already ridiculous Hello Kitty crap never stop appearing…

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Toilet Seat”

  1. Well, at least there’s the knowledge that Hello Kitty is being subjected to your bare ass, along with a variety of other, er, unpleasantries.

    “Oh yeah? Take that, Hello Kitty.”

  2. Why it is that Hello Kitty comes out with the most useless crap imaginable, but when I go to looking for a particular hello kitty item it turns out they don’t make it? Hello Kitty Elvis, for example, or more specifically, getting married by Hello Kitty dressed as Elvis. Why Hello Kitty Hell? Why can I not find this?

  3. My husband wants to know why you’re complaining — when taking a shit in or on Hello Kitty is exactly the proper action for anything Hello Kitty. Of course I completely disagree.

  4. i acctually like this one because i have always wanted to shove my butt in her face and this is the next best thing to that.


  5. Well at least you know that if you miss, you just shat on hello kitty’s face. lol or even worse….. At least it doesn’t talk to you when you flush it… then I would want to just kick it..

  6. some people get home depot gift cards for a housewarming gift… i got this.. and no, while a hk fan, have not dared put this on my toilet…


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