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Now that the Hello Kitty ceramic figure has been saved and is on its way to well protected safety, I thought that with my new found affection for Hello Kitty I should do something responsible for all those impressionable kids out there. I therefore spoke with my wife and convinced her to give me a couple of Hello Kitty plush to use as characters to make an educational video. Even better, Hello Kitty is dressed in a school uniform and Dear Daniel is in a graduation gown. The question became, what lesson should I teach to all the impressionable kids out there?

Hello Kitty school plush

I considered this awhile and thought it’s important for kids to understand that fireworks are dangerous. I could have Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel show the dangers of playing with fireworks. If in the process of showing how fireworks can be dangerous, Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel accidentally found themselves trapped in barrage of fireworks and ended up lighting up in amazingly colorful sparks, we would all know that this was a sad event, but they had taught everybody an important point.

Or if I was to teach kids about the dangers of playing near the water by a fast moving river and both Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel accidentally fell into the river and got swept through raging rapids and then over a high waterfall, we would all feel bad, but understand that they had done a great service in teaching us about safety near rivers.

Or if I had a wood chipper and wanted to teach how dangerous it is to be near one of these machines as the machine grinds branches into small chips and Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel accidentally get stuck in one of the branches and go through the chipping machine, we would all feel terrible, but know that they had taught us a very important lesson about the dangers of wood chipping machines.

After considering numerous ways I could teach kids about the dangers in the world with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (and smiling the entire time), I realized that I didn’t feel like sleeping on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag for the next month.

I have therefore decided to let the readers of this blog tell me how they would use Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel to teach kids about safety. Of course you should have a video camera to tape the lesson and any accidental events that may happen during it.

If you feel that you can do justice in teaching an important lesson to all the kids about safety using the Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel plush pictured here, please leave a comment on exactly what lesson you would teach and at the end of the week I will choose the best one to send these two plush to…

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  1. Well, given that Hello Kitty here looks a tad on the young side for Dear Daniel, you could make a video about the dangers of freshman girls accepting an invite to a frat party with lots of free strawberry daquiris…

  2. I think they should teach kids about the dangers of playing in the street, especially around road construction.

    Another one would be the danger of playing in water with a metal rod around electricity…..

  3. The real danger of a frat party is the drive home. I hope Dear Daniel doesn’t drink and drive, because that could lead to an accident.

  4. I think that it would be a great idea if you took Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel in a forest while there is a terrible storm… They could warn us how dangerous ligthning was, and if they are accidentally burned by the ligthning because they were too close to a tree, everybody would be aware that it is stupid to go in the forest during storm. What is more, they could play during the storm with sulfuric acid, and if the bottle of acid fell on them, everybody would know that it is stupid to have acid in a bottle during a storm in the foret.

    Would that be cruel? I don’t think so, considering what they have done to the world, and the number of fanatic they have already given birth 😀

    (I apologise if there are mistakes in my message, I still need to learn English :D)

  5. I think my friend Jess mentioned what happened to my lone stuffed HK awhile back, but…

    Hey, Hello Kitty could always use a guard dog for her protection….

  6. Well I would use them to teach kids the dangers up looking both ways before crossing the street. You see, my dad is a semi truck driver and it would show children that they need to look both ways or they may just end up walking in front of a semi and ending up like Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty.

  7. I believe that hello kitty and daniel should teach children about the dangers of communism, socialism, and the occult. I believe this would be most informative to younger children since they are susceptible to the adorable looks of hello kitty. They will not be intimidated by her daunting message of the dangers of communism, socialism, and the occult. From my perspective, the video would run a little something like the old sex education videos they showed you in junior high. First, there would be a little tutorial depicting what communism, socialism, and the occult consists of. For instance for the occult, Daniel could be a vampire sucking out Kitty’s blood. This would teach children several things at once: a) do not share blood or needles (or in this case teeth) as this causes STDs, b) do not join the occult because it is scary and unfamiliar, and c) if you think the occult is cool and have your blood sucked, you will turn into a vampire and doom yourself to suck the blood of all the people you once knew and loved or worse – wind up crazy like Britney Spears! SCARY! As a result, children would be scared out of their wits into good little conformists like we all love.

    Next up, we have communism and socialism. These two are similar, but not exactly alike. Children should still be forewarned of these dangers. After all, the last time an ambitious socialist tried to take over the world,we were graced with a second massive war, the Jews got screwed, and Germany became very poor. The fallout is much much worse and far more dangerous and reaching than the after effects of joining the occult. Therefore, more time on the DVD would be spent on these subjects than the latter.

    The scenes depicting communism would feature Daniel playing the role of Joseph Stalin and Kitty playing as Benito Mussolini. The two would be shown as friends, partying and promoting their communists ideals, but then we would see how greedy and horrible they become terrorizing their own countries, taking food, cattle, and women. I would also throw in the old tag line, “Remember kids: Better Dead than Red!” The last scene would be Stalin Daniel and Mussolini Kitty being blown up into smithereens. (This is probably not historically accurate, but hey, we’re dealing with propaganda…it doesn’t have to be.)

    In my eyes, the scenes about national socialism would star Daniel as Adolf Hitler and Kitty as Ava. We could show children how nice being in the Third Reich seems at first, but then we pan to show them scenes from WWII, the gruesome scenes from Schindler’s List, and battered bodies from the History Channel documentaries. Then, we pan back to Adolf Daniel and Ava Kitty and Charmy (Kitty’s kitty posing as Hitler’s dog) swallowing pills that helps them on their way to committing suicide in which they would twitch and choke.

    At the end, children would be so devastated by what they have witnessed, they will be terribly glad to see kitty and daniel in school clothing. Kitty would congratulate Daniel for graduating school and staying away from joining the Third Reich, becoming a communist, or being a vampire. Daniel would grin and remind children to stay in school!

    [And the irony in all this is, Hello Kitty is Hitler, the occult, and a socialist re-incarnate.]

  8. Hello Kitty could teach children not to drink and play with fire.

    It would be terribly TERRIBLY tragic if say…. they were merrily quaffing a few pints and spilt it all down thier absorbant and probably not very fire-retardant fronts, and then dear Dear Daniel thought it would be funny to strike a match. Alack, the combination of burning beer and plush toys would haunt my nostrils for days.

    Better yet, you could teach them not to drink gasoline and smoke… terribly bad for you that gasoline…


  9. Oh would it be fun to have several episodes of this educational show?

    One could be how we take Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel to a foreign country. We then tell them they need to cross the road to get to a Hello Kitty factory that is mysteriously burning down. All we have to do is time the bus right… And concidering they are plushies it wouldn’t be to hard to just put them in a burning paper bag on someones doorstep.

  10. the danger of leaning over too far when cleaning out your HK toilet with the 23 function custom seat , they would fall in and someone trying to pull them out would grab the flush handle by accident and they would have a long trip to the sewage plant… awww , too bad , so sad… ;-P***

  11. Kids these days are having sex at much earlier ages and I think we need to address that issue. Dear Daniel could get a nasty case of genital warts, or Kitty could get all knocked up and need a c-section. Then they wind up living in a trailer and we all know how flame resistant those old trailers are….

  12. I think I would teach Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel the risks of common household appliances. For example, the danger of tinfoil in a microwave. If Hello Kitty happened to be in the microwave at the same time as the tinfoil….then I would be sure to have a bucket of water nearby to put out any possible flaming plushies. Dear Daniel could demonstrate what happens if you don’t use potholders to pull the hot oven racks out of the oven. (When the oven is turned to 400 degrees and on broil.) Hello Kitty could also demonstrate why you never pour water on a grease fire in the kitchen, while Dear Daniel could mistakenly knock over a tin can full of bacon grease onto Hello Kitty….the possibilities are endless with this situation. Hello Kitty could demonstrate why one shouldn’t stick their hand into a hot toaster as well. For the purpose of irony, this toaster would be a Hello Kitty toaster. There’s no more perminate method of reminding yourself not to do something than having your own face branded into your fluffy plushie flesh. Also, Dear Daniel could show what happens when you mistakenly put a hand in the food processor…while Hello Kitty just shows the horrific danger of the Salad Shooter. (Should she slice or dice?) Children have a right to know what happens when they get curious, and Hello Kitty should be the honorable sacrifice for their knowledge. It would be an honor to be the person who wrapped HK in tin foil and microwaved her for the purpose of bettering the world.

  13. Maybe you should take them to the zoo, drop them in with some bears or tigers and make a Hello Kitty Wildlife Special.

  14. I think Hello Kitty should learn about the dangers of pink Kitchenaid stand mixers. They can be very dangerous places, and one can hurt oneself by getting a finger caught in the whisk, or could lose an eye by the lethal dough hook. This video would provide an important message to potential bakers.

  15. I think Hello Kitty and Daniel can teach the dangers of hanging out on a roof during a rainstorn with a metal pole. No tonly kids need to learn how dangerous that is. Adults need to know too. And there’s also the danger of knives and guns. Someone could get cut up or blown to pieces and stuff, ya know?

  16. you could demonstrate the dangers of getting between a wild beast and its food by putting them in a buffet line ahead of oinkfrah and rosie o’…

  17. I would teach the young viewers about depression, all the way from mental breakdowns, (throwing hard objects at each other including and not limited to dishes, bats baseballs, etc), all the way to hello kitty suicide, of course I would show ways to get help, but it won’t matter it will eventually lead to the horrible electric toaster in the bath, or maybe a gun shot wound. Face it some people just want a quick way out, when it involves small happy hello kitties…

  18. How about sending them to Baghdad and demonstrating the dangers of IEDs or the importance of giving the proper GPS coordinates for and airstrike. You could also send them to NASA for the next shuttle mission and demonstrate the hazards of orbital re-entry.

    Q: How do you make your Hello Kitty act like a dog and go “Woof.”

    A: Douse it with gasoline and sit it on fire…..

  19. I think Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel should be taught the dangers of living in Japanese society. First, they could be mercilessly bullied in school. Then, they could become mentally incompetent by spending their whole adolescence in cram school. Then, Hello Kitty could commit suicide after failing her entrance exams for college. Dear Daniel could become a recluse who only goes out to the convenience store after midnight and spends the rest of his time hiding in his room.
    Next, you could teach the dangers of living in US society. Dear Daniel could live in a bad neighborhood, join a gang and end up in jail. Hello Kitty could live in a really good neighborhood and end up incredibly shallow, self-centered and materialistic.


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