Hello Kitty Tulips

One of the many (many, many…) problems with Hello Kitty is that subtlety is not a word in her vocabulary. That means that instead of quietly sitting on the sideline waiting for the fanatics that have been blinded by her hellish, evil side, to come and find her products, she has to get in everyone’s face. Hello Kitty flowers on an individual basis are not enough…especially when an entire field will do:

Hello Kitty tulips

You go to the tulip garden to see the beautiful flowers and end up having to stare at Hello Kitty’s face. It’s like a Hello Kitty Hell nightmare come true. Not satisfied with the human race, Hello Kitty also is after the complete domination of nature. Flowers in themselves are no longer beautiful enough and thus must form Hello Kitty to be appreciated. At least with a Hello Kitty crop circle, you have the faint possibility that an alien ship will appear and take you away from the Hellish scene you are witnessing, but there is no such hope with a tulip mural…

Of course, my wife’s reaction was a bit different than mine: “That is the cutest thing ever! We have to go and see it….I think everyone should plant their garden so Hello Kitty appears in it and then the world would be a happier and nicer place. I think we should try it.”

It’s this “we” part when talking about Hello Kitty projects that is the real source of Hello kitty Hell. It’s not like I volunteer for these things, but somehow I’m always included. So now not only am I going to have to go and see Hello Kitty flower gardens (oh, won’t that be a joyous trip), but my wife will also attempt (with me doing most of the labor) to turn our garden into something similar. It doesn’t get much more Hello Kitty Hellish than that…

Thanks to Danielle for emailing the photo of a tulip festival at Tanto town in Toyooka city, western Japan – she should have to stare at Hello Kitty flower arrangements for the rest of her life…

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tulips”

  1. But, see, if it’s a Hello Kitty crop circle then the aliens must’ve been Hello Kitty themselves and would most likely take you further into Hello Kitty Hell.

    And that’s not good at all.

  2. hey i’m from australia and my friend gave me this link which i find to be realli awesome…i spent the nite well the morning since its 3:54am reading every single blog entry all the way bak to ur first entry… u’ve got me hook and addicted.. i neva reali use to pay attention to hello kitty but now u’ve got me thinking twice.

  3. In my opinion, it’s rather amazing that people were able to plant seeds so that they grew up into the pattern perfectly.

  4. Well… the fact that they managed to get such a perfect patteron of arrangements is impressive and awesome. However, the fact that it’s a hello kitty pattern makes it negative. If they had the creativity, resources and tulips they should’ve done a different, more worthwile pattern.

    Seriously, what is wrong with this word?

  5. I can’t live without the word ‘subtle’. Hello Kitty never was a big thing in my life, if anything Pandapple is my favorite Sanrio character. My sister saw the Hello Kitty stamped money. Don’t be surprised if any money you get looks up at you in the form of a hello kitty stamp. She bought a pack of stamps; she plans to stamp all money.

  6. So I’m just going to ignore the fact that this is Hello Kitty, pretend it’s a recreation of a really gorgeous Kandinsky or something, and applaud the gardeners for some really creative planning and labor.


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