Hello Kitty Ubuntu GDM Theme

My wife loves to show me how Hello Kitty is embraced by computer geeks. Even though I know little about computers, since I make my living on the Internet, she thinks that somehow if she shows me enough Hello Kitty computers products that I will somehow instantaneously see the light and become a Hello Kitty fanatic.

Most Hello Kitty computer products are aimed at female computer users. There aren’t a lot of men in Silicon Valley that would be willing to take a Hello Kitty laptop to work. I cringe when I have to use a Hello Kitty usb flash drive. It appears, however, that Hello Kitty is trying to expand her domain…

If anyone had any doubt that Hello Kitty was trying to take over everything, this should erase all doubt. It would seem that the least likely people to adopt Hello Kitty fanaticism would be computer geeks, but not just any computer geeks. Hello Kitty is even stretching her tentacles to go after the hardcore Linux computer geek crowd in an attempt to convert them to the Hello Kitty linux dark side:

Hello Kitty ubuntu linux

Of course, my wife made me download the gdm theme in her attempt to make my computer become more Hello Kittified. Another typical day in Hello Kitty Hell…

Thanks to hklinux who should be ostracized from the linux computer community for eternity for having a username like that

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ubuntu GDM Theme”

  1. OMG..i spent an hour looking at this blog…(*tears streamin down face*) this is HILARIOUS. My sister is a hello kitty fanatic..no where near the extreme that your wife is. But she likes everything Japanese so..i guess that includes hello kitty! Keep em comin…hahaha.

  2. Sweet Jesus, she’s got her claws into LINUX? Is NOTHING sacred?!? I now expect my Firefox logo to morph into H.K. hugging a blue beach ball. ::runs for cover::

  3. I *do* like that “Hello Kitty of Color” there. Nice integration. These things are not always done gracefully.

  4. First… Let me say this… I applaud you for having the testicular fortitude to do this blog. My wife….. ( who is a fan ) of your site… Both LOVES your site… and CRIES when she sees stuff like Killer Kitty … Heh… I too, live in my own personal hello kitty hell…. and Guess what… McDonalds just started carrying hello kitty stuff… now… i must go buy more! O.O But, I thank you … you give me hope for a …. well …. future atleast 😀

    wife: Do you have links where He can buy this stuff for me?

    me: >.

  5. I love Hello Kitty. I even have a Hello Kitty tattoo. My husband is an Ubuntu Linux user and would divorce me if I ever tried to make him use this. Wow. You really *are* in Hello Kitty Hell. Your blog, however, is hilarious.

  6. Thanks to your wife, finally… I’m not alone in my HK World! lol

    Seriously, I’m about to turn on linux when I’ll have enough time and I want to know about the HK theme : the username field, is it the login screen ?

  7. Dude, I’m so sad…This is 65% of what got me to install Ubuntu… >_>;; (Mah honey, he’s all about Open Source and what not!)

    On the bright side of it, I luff Ubuntu and Hello Kitty just makes it so much cuter!

  8. Cool! Thank for this notice. Can I take it to my russian blog? In Russia we have too many fans of Hello Kitty.
    For example my blog about Hello Kitty and all cats


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