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My ears are ringing with pain at just the thought of this – a tween pop duo with Hello Kitty electric guitars being sponsored by Hello Kitty to go on tour known as Aly & AJ. Never heard of them? Neither has my wife, but since they are touring around in a Hello Kitty themed bus and sponsored by Sanrio, my wife assumes (it is never good to go on the assumed advice of a Hello Kitty fanatic unless you are looking for a good reason to quickly end your life, which will be provided countless times and in ways far too cruel for you to ever imagine) that they must be good:

Hello Kitty Aly & AJ Tour

Hello Kitty Aly & AJ Tour Bus

When Hello Kitty decides to sponsor your tour and gives you all kinds of Hello Kitty crap to fill your bus, there is no doubt that there are going to be way too many Hello Kitty fanatics in attendance. I also imagine that their music sounds like the Hello Kitty theme song trying to be morphed into tween pop rock which pretty much means that, unless you are a Hello Kitty fanatic, you’d much rather be holding a plugged in toaster while taking a bath since this would likely be only a fraction as painful. Worse yet, my wife will likely start playing their music over and over again on her Hello Kitty speakers just to drive out the last bit of sanity that might have prevailed…

So the Hello Kitty Hell question of the month is, would attending one of their concerts be worse than attending the Hello Kitty musical? (this is the finest example of Hello Kitty Hell – trying to decide which of two events to attend knowing that both will likely force you to suicide in a manner of seconds after either of the shows start). I think I’ll go and get that toaster now and jump into the bath…

Thanks to Peter who should have to listen to every one of their Hello Kitty concerts for bringing this to the attention of my wife…

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  1. I’ve read every single one of your posts. They are all horrifying. But this is by far the most horrifying ever. Do they actually sing about Hello Kitty? Can you find a sample song/lyrics and post it?

    I need confirmation that it is horrific as I expect, or even more so.

  2. I’m pretty sure A&A started on disney channel, they don’t sing about hello kitty. more like teen-pop.

    HK is probably just using them to expand their empire.

  3. Aly & AJ actually are really great singers! They don’t sing about Hello Kitty, but Sanrio is sponsoring their tour. I saw them in SF and they were awesome!

  4. That would be a Hello Kitty toaster you’d be holding, correct? The one that toasts Hello Kitty’s face on the bread?

  5. Disney is like the old movie studio system of the pre- 1950’s America. This band has sold over 4 million copies without HK or radio play, which is astonishing when you think about it. Strictly on little kids word of mouth.

    You can read about Didney acts being banned on the radio here:


    These acts outsell The White Stripes, Kelly Clarkson, Velvet Revolver, rap music, hiphop, etc.

    The odd thing is the industry (radio and CD sales) keeps saying they have no idea how to get young people to listen to music. I guess they mean, their music.

    When we had Cream, Hendrix and The Beatles on the radio we also has The Monkees, the 1910 Fruit Gum Company, etc. Today the industry wants young listeners, but refuses to play their music.

    Now- I may be going to the show with a biker girl I know and her 7 year old kid.

    If I do, I’ll certainly send a report in!

  6. Aly and AJ are on Hollywood Records, and their Genre is Pop/Rock.
    They are potentially huge with the Christian Listeners too!

    I’m so glad they got such a huge sponsor, like Sanrio! Praise God for them. God has truly blessed them in a huge way!

    from Texas

  7. I’m going and I’m a Hello Kitty fan…I’m seeing them play in Orlando. My fiance loves your web site by the way…he’s about to get married to a Hello Kitty fanatic. Poor him, right? 😉

  8. Maybe you should consider the countless efforts and influential support these girls offer to the youth of our generation. As much fun as it must be to be an extreme cynic, consider that everyone is different and that just because we listen to tween pop rock doesn’t mean that you have the right to sit back and laugh because we listen to things that are different from you and your cynical friends. Maybe we listen to all the same music, shop at all the same stores, all have the same haircut and color, all look exactly the same, and we look up to two teenage blonde sisters who sing of nothing but teen emotions and make the world seem small; there is nothing wrong with wanting to make life easier and just having some fun. We don’t like to listen to music that makes us think too hard or surrounds us with the already existant problems in the world. Its our choice to be simple and far more open-minded that you will ever know. Hello Kitty is a prime example of trying to be young for as long as possible. So lay off Aly & AJ; let us be young; and let us experience the small & simple things before we are pushed into the cruel world that you helped assembly. Thanks for everything.

  9. Because I DJ mashups (click on name) I have actually listened to these two girls. I even did a mashup of the song they do about “potential breakups”- sort of how to in the future handle breaking up with someone and getting your stuff back.

    I mashed it with a Nine Inch Nails song.

    This kind of music, which used to bew called teeniebopper or bubblegum music, is dominating rock now- from Hillary Duff to the Disney machine. It outsells most rock, a lot of country, even rap- it is huge.

    It gets no airplay on the radio.

    Hey it gets kids into rock music, which has been struggling of late in sales. Plus most kids buy it they don’t download it.

    And it is as manipulated and controlled as Hello Kitty……..

  10. my mommy got me that humidifier for x-mas…ROCK ON!!! i’m 21 years OLD and i still got hello kitty flyin in for me….=D my husband thinks i will grow out of it by the time i’m 30….i highly doubt…

  11. Theyre actually good singers. I’m not one for pop, especially tween pop but if i had to pick, I’d listen to them. And one of them ( I dunno who ’cause I don’t watch Disney) didn’t even start on Disney I guess, so points for her.

  12. Aly and Aj are not just sugar pop nothin bad ever happens.They have some real morals and great emotions that they put into their songs and yes one of them Aj , did not start on disney, but what is so wrong with that??If they have good music that you like where they started should not matter. And if you think that their just for tweens you are wrong, go to youtube and look for these songs “potential breakup song,closure , blush,like it or leave it, im here, or many more from their new cd Insomniatic.And you are not just putting down them , your also putting down some very mature tweens who have a IQ level much higher than your own. The only reasons you would be saying these things is 1.your dumb 2. you cant sing yourself and your taking away people who can or 3. your deaf and dumb.Oh and by the way Im 12.

  13. IM ALY AND AJ’S #1 FAN!If anybody hates them i would be more than happy to give them a peice of my mind.Aly and aj dont write songs about hello kitty.They write songs about God and their love life.Love ya aly n aj keep rockin!

  14. Aly and Aj rock.
    They are soooo amazing and aren’t showing every single body part like some people who came off disney channel.

  15. actually, aly and aj are known to be white supremacists, i’m pretty sure. they did an interview talking about how much they love being white and that everyone else who isn’t white isn’t as good or awesome as they are.

    ::cringe:: i can’t beleive so many people on here were like “OMG I LOOOOVE ALY AND AJ!!!11!!1”
    this just give you another reason to call hello kitty the devil, hahaha

  16. They should have the Hello Kitty Hitler stamped on their head…..imagine taking a shower with hello kitty staring you dead in the face…creeepppyyy…

  17. I would say that the concert would be my choice. The main difference? I can walk further away from the speakers and socialize with (maybe) the others who were dragged there by the HK cult members. At the musical you have to sit in one seat the whole time and be quiet. *shudders* Every sung word perfectly audible.


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