"Maneki Neko" Crystal Doll

While my wife wants this $66,000 (8 million yen) crystal glass doll, it’s a bit out of her price range which leads me to believe that we should take a vow of poverty (thus making all Hello Kitty goods too expensive for us to purchase)

Hello Kitty Crystal Doll

While making a $66,000 crystal glass doll out of 62,000 Swarovski crystal beads is insane in itself (it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is currently on display with the Hello Kitty Doghouse at the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo), the truly pathetic part is that the reason they made it is because someone is going to buy it (which would be my wife if she could). Since Hello Kitty is posed as a manekineko (a good money fortune symbol in Japan), she believes that if she can get it, more riches will come her way (which is all the more reason I’m happy she can’t afford it).

While it has already been well established that Hello Kitty items are useless, what in Hello Kitty Hell are you going to do with a $66,000 crystal Hello Kitty? Place it in your home entrance and wait for some kid to come over and knock it to the ground and shatter it (hmmm, remind me to suggest to my wife to place it there if she ever decides she can afford one). I mean, at least with the Hello kitty Ferrari you have something to drive around (although admittedly, you can never show your face to any of your friends for the rest of your life…)

Even though my wife will not purchase it, that doesn’t mean that I get to escape from it in Hello Kitty Hell. All I’m going to do is hear about how “beautiful and cute” it is and “if we only had the money for it” for the next week or until some other Hello Kitty items diverts her attention – either way, it only means more Hello Kitty Hell in the future.

Thanks to Kelly who passed this along and should be forced to spend all her money on something like this for even considering sending to me…

12 thoughts on “"Maneki Neko" Crystal Doll”

  1. wow isnt it grate… i truly do not under stand how you could not want one… coulnt you get a loan… long live kitty!!!!

  2. I think that this was made expressly for Paris Hilton to spend Daddy’s money on. Anyhow, wouldn’t it be sweet to see a man with a baseball bat take this monstrosity out like a pinata? Wear eye protection.

  3. You poor poor man, you should be sainted for putting up with all this hello kitty bollocks. Long live hello kitty hell, last refuge for sane hello kitty haters everywhere.

  4. Hmmm…. I’m a maneki neko collector (I have about 50 different ones), and I seem to recall reading that the Lucky Cats don’t bring you luck if you buy them for yourself. They should be gifts given to you (traditionally for a new business, or a new home) So unless someone buys this and gives it to your wife, those riches coming to her may not materialize.


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