It doesn’t take long for Hello Kitty fanatics to take a bad idea of the Hello Kitty cat and make it even worse. When it comes to Hello Kittifying, no pet is safe, even if you’re a dog:

Hello Kitty dog

Living in Hello Kitty Hell, I know the humiliation that this dog must feel. While it may be physically less painful than the Hello Kitty dog tattoo, mentally this dog is a goner (of course, my wife has a different take: “Awwww, that is so cute!! The owner must love that dog so much!). The real question is where will this Hello Kittification of pets end, and my guess is that if Sanrio – and Hello Kitty fanatics – have their way, it’s not going to be a pretty sight to any non Hello Kitty fanatic in the end…

Thanks to Kristin (via RavenNW) who should be forced to walk down the street wearing this Hello Kitty costume for even thinking of bringing this to my attention.

Update: More unfortunate creatures that must have done something unthinkably terrible in their previous life to end up being a pet of a Hello Kitty fanatic:

hello kitty dog hair clip fashion

Sent in by lauraschue via The Pink Paw

dog dressed in Hello Kitty clothes

Sent in by Gina

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  1. Yep, you can purchase that from the Sanrio website. Now I see it is going to be too big for the Kitty Cat. I think the dog looks adorable and happy!!

    I must say I love “Hello Kitty Hell”!!

  2. I find it extremely telling that the dog’s face says “I’m so hap-hap-happppy!” and the cats’ faces are more along the lines of “Sweet Jesus, shoot me now.”

  3. I received this HK Hat from Sanrio and it is adorable! Wish it was smaller for cats. My kitty, Rocky Ann, is pictured with it on in the website link.

  4. Did anybody notice that this version is like WAY better? It has the eyes and nose and stuff… the ones the cats are wearing don’t….

  5. But… they don’t need double eyes. The cats or dogs already have their own eyes. The kitty version makes more sense 🙂 Both are cute though. The Sanrio one with eyes is ALOT less expensive.

  6. That’s an aussie heeler – usually one of the most macho working dogs around, poor blighter. Maybe he’s a Priscilla fan??

  7. As a Hello Kitty fanatic (yes I am one of those people with a Hello Kitty tattoo) I personally think this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. That might be lame but I think this guy creating his site is just plain ridiculous you are creating your own hell by surrounding yourself with the negative connotaitions towards Hello Kitty. If you hate her soo much then why in the HELLL would you have a site all about her?? Does NOT make sense to me

  8. It’s a dog. It’s a DOG. But……. It’s a dog. I mean, I can see the creepy and slightly twisted logic that would lead someone to dress up their cat as a, um, cat, but that dog isn’t even one of those little dogs that you see getting dressed up! That thing looks like it should be running around herding sheep or riding in the ute or something! On a second look, the collar is almost more embarrassing than the cat head… Almost.

  9. i think tht it looks okk tht pic with dog but i think its takin it a step too farr

    but i really like helllo kitty 🙂

    and hello kitty should be in heavin not in hell

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  10. it is cute but i think dogs don’t really like cat but if dogs want to be friends with a cat, its alright with us don’t u think?

  11. This must be Ralphie’s dog from “The Christmas Story.” You know, his mom makes him put on the pink bunny suit that his aunt made him, and then he must have made his dog put on this humiliating HK suit, and then the kitty put on the …….suit. Well, you can see where I going with this.

  12. hello my name is sooty i have a dog to maby i could get
    one of them hats for my dog i like the teddy’s i also like the dogs neakles it is very pretty i love the cute dog whats its name?…………!

  13. This is absolutely sad!
    dat is just ugly! grosth

    but @ least this one is just dressed like HK and dnt have the tat….

  14. I Love Hello Kitty! So Cute.
    I Have A Kello Kitty Notepad, 3 Hello Kitty Pencil Cases, A Hello Kitty Drinks Bottle, 6 Hello Kitt Hairbands, 2 Hello Kitty Watches, A Hello Kitty Folder, Hello Kitty Top, Hello Kitty Hair Clips, Hello Kitty Pens And Pencils, Hello Kitty Necklace (Real Diamond Gem Things?) Etc Etc.

  15. I showed it to my black and tan dachshund, Duke. He looked sad. Then he looked at me like “Don’t even think it.”


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