Hello Kitty Gold Figures & Pendants

Sanrio is the master of series which are made specifically to suck in the Hello Kitty fanatic. Our house would be a fraction of the Hello Kitty Hell it is if series didn’t exist. That’s because it is impossible for a Hello Kitty fanatic to get a single item from any series without getting the rest (or whining excessively about how they don’t have the rest). That can get expensive when my wife sees things like these Hello Kitty gold figures and pendants:

Hello Kitty gold figure

Hello Kitty gold pendant

So it should not come as a surprise that my wife won’t be satisfied with just one, but wants the entire collection. That means instead of just over $200 for one figure, it will end up being $2400 for the set plus another $1500 ($125 each) for the pendant set. Sanrio knows that fanatics want the entire set, so they release them over a period of time figuring that most would balk at paying nearly $4000 at one time, but would be more than willing to cumulatively purchase that same amount over an extended period.

Of course, when I explain how Sanrio is trying to manipulate my wife into buying more stuff, she’ll have none of it. “All they want to do is spread more love and cheer to the world.” While any normal person would gag when reading the around the world adventure story that accompanies these gold figures, the Hello Kitty fanatics eat it up:

Saying farewell to her friends and already missing her mother’s apple pie, Hello Kitty was ready to venture into new horizons, meeting new friends and spreading the message of love along the way. With her passport, T-shirts, and luggage ready, Hello Kitty began her fantastic adventure as an ambassador of love and friendship.

I think I’ll just empty the contents of my stomach now and get ready to endure another Hello Kitty Hell day…

Thanks to deede who should be forced to purchase these for every one of her children for having informed my wife of their existence.

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Gold Figures & Pendants”

  1. I’m totally bummed that there’s no Canada… oh well. I probably won’t get these, right now, I’m obsessed with getting that blinged out lap top.

  2. Yes, the cute laptop! I just love this: ” Hello Kitty began her fantastic adventure as an ambassador of love and friendship.” Just what the world needs now – Hello Kitty!! I’d like the pendants in silver instead.

  3. Could you convince your wife to use the HK’s as inspiration to GO TO THOSE PLACES? You and her could travel the world taking pictures of herself with a stuffed animal.

    It would get her off the computer 😉

  4. My boyfriend sent me this after I told him that he needed to get me a Hello Kitty engagement ring! I’m kidding… but the site is hilarious! I didn’t know this is what boys go through.

  5. They are cute. There is no way in hello kitty hell I would spend that much on an item that has no purpose tho. Besides there is no Canada

  6. oh my gosh like shoot me hello kitty makes me wanna barf!! really people what r u thinking!! its a cat with a bow on its head!!! really how can you think that’s cute!! and how can you get so obsessive about this stupid thing!!! gag me!!

  7. They’re so cliched! Well, whaddya expect?

    Missing mum’s apple pie? Now in HK land, doesn’t HK live in England? Sounds American to me (not that we don’t eat apple pie here) – if we’re to ‘believe’ this tale then make it consistent.

  8. I agree with Hedwig, they are really cute but really expensive. Perhaps they will have the pictures on something cheaper like greeting cards or notebooks (the paper kind).

    P.S. Is there a website?

  9. That’s so dodgy?! Hong Kong HK doesn’t have anything Hong Kong about it?! And is it just me? Or the only thing that makes Hong Kong HK- Hong Kong HK is the fact that it’s wearing a belt that says “HK (Hong Kong)” on it!??!

    It’s horrible! D:

    Not only that… but where’s Aussie HK?!

  10. I can see what Sanrio is trying to accomplish there. They are manipulative indeed! However, these are not the most expensive Hello Kitty jewellery I have seen. There are Hello Kitty diamond rings and necklaces which make these pieces look like nothing. And of course, those rings are far more expensive.


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