Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoos were bad. The Hello Kitty Star Wars tattoo took things to a whole new level. The Hello Kitty batman tattoo topped even those so this latest Hello Kitty tattoo seems horrifyingly appropriate for Hello Kitty Hell:

Hello Kitty zombie tattoo

This was accompanied by the following email:

First off, I am a HUGE hello kitty fan and love her do death.

I also love zombies so I thought it was the perfect match.

Anthony from Yankee Tattoo in Burlington, Vermont did this on Wednesday and I just wanted to share it with you.

There are so many things completely wrong with the tattoo and email that I don’t even know where to begin, but since I have to begin somewhere, it distresses me to no end that more and more of the Hello Kitty emails I get no longer ask me to show a photo to my wife, but are being written specifically to me. It is beyond my comprehension why Hello Kitty fanatics feel the urge “to share it with me” knowing that all I’m going to do is ridicule it because that is what I do in this blog — ridicule all things Hello Kitty.

It seems that even for Hello Kitty fans, Hello Kitty is no longer enough and the hybrid Hello Kitty is the tattoo of choice. Why anyone would want to mix Hello Kitty with anything other than possibly a barrel of dynamite is way beyond my comprehension, but apparently Hello Kitty fanatics, in their Hello Kitty daze (which coincidentally has the remarkable resemblance of a zombie stare), feel that a Hello Kitty zombie is cute.

wife: “See, even the dead are cute when they let Hello Kitty into their hearts.”

I keep hoping that I will find some redeeming quality about living in Hello Kitty Hell and day after day, I’m shown that not only is there nothing that comes close to being redeeming, but what I imagine is the worst that Hello Kitty Hell can get is only a preview of things to come…

Thanks to Erika who really should have to live with Hello Kitty zombies for even thinking that sending me this photo would be a good idea…

Update: Because there always have to be more than one Hello Kitty zombie tattoo:

hello kitty zombie tattoo

Sent in by Patrick

Apparently Hello Kitty zombie likes hearts just as much as brains:

hello kitty heart eating zombie tattoo

Sent in by numerous readers

Hello Kitty zombie tattoo below the belt

First sent in by Ray

hello kitty zombie tattoo

Sent in by ruthven78

hello kitty pink zombie tattoo

Sent in by Maria

49 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoo”

  1. There is one redeeming quality; you make me laugh with every post. Laughter has to be worth something, right?

    That tattoo is, um, the most nightmarish thing I have seen here to date.

  2. I love it tbh. I think it’s quite original and the detail is better than some of the other Hello Kitty tattoos out there.

    If you’ve ever watched Miami Ink, you’ll know that they have amazing tattoo artists. I plan on travelling over to Miami just to get my Hello Kitty tattoo done, along with my other ones of course.

    I’m heavily modded + have quite a lot of Hello Kitty body jewelery.

    I wish they’d make 12mm Hello Kitty plugs though….

  3. I have figured out HELLO KITTY and her followers/ customers:

    I have noticed that while art has strayed from religion, it is clear that advertising today (especially when it comes to luxury items) has not strayed from religion and has even adopted the lure of cults to “the pitch”. Car ads no longer have to tell us what the car can do- they just have to show us we can achieve bliss from the car. Singing, clapping grocery clerks at one chain imitate old Southern Baptist rituals, while Gurus like Donald Trump point us towards steaks that offer satisfaction beyond any we have known before. From Hello Kitty to Paris Hilton, religious icons live on in advertising/ promotion.

    Why advertising understands this, and fine art doesn’t, I don’t know.

    Hello Kitty shoppers shop for bliss.

  4. As probably one of the heaviest modded person on HKH I should suggest that 85% of the worlds population is modded with piercings or tattoos.

    At the end of the day a lot of people have tattoos, ranging from ALL age groups, so why should a Hello Kitty one make a difference? If someone likes the little Sanrio cat enough to have it permantly on their body, good for them. It’s not up to you to judge.

    You’ll find most of the workplaces now are more acceptable over body mods, therefore this girl shouldn’t have a problem getting a job because she has a cat on her arm.

    People should be less judgemental.

  5. My next tattoo will be of Hello Kitty. I’m not into zombies but the zombie-Hk was a perfect choice for Ericka! Happy that she shared with you and all of us.

  6. why do you guys do things like this, i mean, what kid out there is going ot whant hear they cant admire hellokity any more because of this website for hello kitty hell. IT IS STUPID AND CARELESS.


  8. I actually like it. People who are in different Industries: makeup, hair, etc are allowed to have these tattoo’s because it gives them individuality. I think it something means that much to you why not go for it? It’s her body and she liked it. End of story really. Good for you girl. 🙂

  9. Wow. This is a great effin idea! I’m black so I can’t get a hello kitty tattoo but I never thought to make her a zombie!!! I been thinking of getting a girl zombie tattoo! Yay Hello Kitty will keep me young forever. 🙂

  10. yo son dat tattoo is off dat meat rack!!! i dont care wut anyone says… I LUV me some hello kitty!!! n dat tat is lookin mighty sexy! real rap!

  11. ummm i’m so lost. i have both a hello kitty tattoo and a batman tattoo. wtf? why do people care what other people get? it’s creative… and it’s each individuals choice.

  12. Gorgeous! Im getting this done in cornwall uk this year 🙂 thanks for putting it on ere! better to be different and stand out than follow everyone else like chavs! stop hating! its gorgeous! 🙂 xx

  13. I love it. I am also a hk fan and making it unique instead of doing the typical kitty face like every other lost confused emo kid out there makes it really good. 🙂 and the tatoo its self is done amazingly! i just love it!

  14. I must admit that I’m in entire agreement with you. This is probably one of the wierdest tattoos ever. The truth is that it isn’t a small tattoo either – it looks like it’s quite a big tat, and – as is always said about tattoos – this is permanent. Do you really want a zombie hello kitty permanently on your skin? Any idea what that’s going to look like when you’re 60? It’s so bad now already, imagine what it’s going to look like then… man, I feel sorry for this person!

  15. Thats just totally mad. It looks a bit silly. I suppose it depends on the personality of the person wearing the tattoo but I can’t imagine taking someone seriously with a tattoo like that.

  16. I love zombies and I worship Hello Kitty, but I just don’t think the two should combine like this. It looks so cruel and unkind to Kitty, her left paw dripping blood and that sad look in her eyes… No no no! But damn she looks cute even as a zombie doesn’t she?

  17. That is one of the most beautifully done tattoos I’ve seen, the colors are brilliant, and looks like it will heal up very nicely. I knew for several years that I wanted a HK tattoo, but waited to get one, trying to decide what the pic would be, or if it would be too stupid to have, what image of HK would stand the test of time for me? I decided on a black and pink ninja, but couldn’t draw it properly (wasn’t thinking a tattooist could, duh me) so I went with Kitty in a Halloween devil costume. It’s on the back of my neck, so I never see it except in photos, but I really wish ppl like totaldeluge would pull the stick out and give some credit to ppl with tattoos, that it’s not like buying a pack of gum, there is a LOT of thought put into it before permanently putting something on your skin, and I for one will be cherish my tattoos even when they’re faded, wrinkly, and covered in Depends.

  18. I have no tattoos,but I think that it is cute! I think that anyone that wouldn’t hire someone for a job with something like this,there is something wrong with. If I got a tattoo I wouldn’t get Hello Kitty,I would get maybe an Angel wing and a Devil bat wing on my back,but I love Hello Kitty! Cool!

  19. I for one – plan on getting a hello kitty zombie tattoo, but i plan on it being alot more brutal then this….

    somewhere along the lines of the

    “Her Demise My Rise” album art. but im getting mine drawn and everything and putting alot more planning into it than this one. haha.


    if anyone has any brutal hello kitty pictures dont be scared to drop me an email with em

  20. I’m getting a dead hello kitty tattoo. Very excited. every other bitch has that tattooed on them. Hello Kitty is dead bitches.

  21. Hahahah DISTURBING!

    It’s so hilarious that ppl get upset with the blogger lol. If you love Hello Kitty so much just don’t read this.

    And I really don’t think the blogger mind little children watching the cartoon that much. Or do you Mr. Blogger?


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