Hello Kitty Eco Bag

Only Hello Kitty can do something like this and actually convince Hello Kitty fanatics (like my wife) that they are spending their money wisely while helping the environment. My wife, knowing that I prefer to be eco friendly when possible, decided that I could not object to the Hello Kitty Eco Bag:

Hello Kitty eco bag

Now my impression of an eco-bag is something big enough to carry a sack full of groceries that you would use instead of plastic or paper. If it’s made out of recycled or renewable material, all the better. Sanrio, however, has a different take on what an “eco-bag” represents.

In Hello Kitty’s world, you take some recycled material, mold it into a purse, slap Hello Kitty’s face and 2000 Swarovski crystal beads on it and it magically becomes the “Hello Kitty Eco Bag” for the cost of a mere $875 (105,000 yen).

While it doesn’t really surprise me that this would be Sanrio’s version of Hello Kitty and being eco friendly at the same time (come on, eco friendly is a “hot” marketing area right now and when have you ever known Hello Kitty to try not to invade any hot marketing area?), I would think their attempt would be a bit less commercially obvious…until I realized they were marketing to Hello Kitty fanatics

While any normal person would see right through this lame attempt by Hello Kitty to be part of the eco friendly crowd, Hello Kitty fanatics actually believe this crap. wife: “It is great that Hello Kitty is embracing the environment and helping to save the earth. It goes to show all the love that Hello Kitty has for everything. I think I will get one to show my support for this great cause.”

And with that I reached one of those no win Hello Kitty Hell choices: Do I try to explain that Hello Kitty doesn’t give a crap about being eco friendly and end up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag or do I keep my mouth shut with a smile on my faced and glazed eyes like a deer on the side of the road about to be slammed into by a 18 wheel truck? I should know better by now on which is the correct choice in this situation having spent this much time in Hello Kitty Hell and I would give you the details how I failed to choose that correct path, but it’ll have to wait until later as I’ve been sent to the closet to retrieve my bedding for the night…

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Eco Bag”

  1. That’s pretty sad.
    I just wonder, how the hell does she afford all of this? Who sees an 875 dollar Hello Kitty purse and just decides, OH I think I’m going to get that.
    And it’s basically an oxy-moron if it’s ‘eco friendly’ and still that expensive.
    Sanrio is stupid.

  2. “It goes to show all the love that Hello Kitty has for everything.”

    So far I’ve only seen proof that HK loves money. And since love of money is the root of all evil, there’s really only one logical and obvious conclusion….

  3. I utterly sympathize with you. My sister is a Hello Kitty fanatic and even dragged me to a Hello Kitty themed amusement park when we were in Japan. I got groped by Dear Daniel. The psycological damage from that place will never leave me. I was a broken woman by the end of it. I have nothing but compassion for your plight.

  4. Yeah that purse is ridiculous and quite ugly. But there are eco bags by Sanrio out there. They roll up and they’re pretty large. I have one but its Kuromi and not Hello Kitty and they’re made out of some sort of material.

  5. Eco friendly my a**. How making people to buy huge amounts of stuff they don’t even use or need is eco friendly? Have you or your wife ever made estimations, how much environmental damage has it caused to make all that stuff she just “has to have”? How many species of animals have died ’cause all that stuff? How much forests have been cutted, waters contaminated and land spoiled to make something cute? I’m sure the future generations will forgive us all that when they have the landfills full of everything cute.


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