Hello Kitty Fetish

What is the deal with Hello Kitty and masturbation? Apparently the same Hello Kitty that makes me want to continuously vomit brings sexual excitement to far too many people – that is the only explanation to the popularity of the Hello Kitty vibrator and the Hello Kitty S&M Love Hotel Room. This goes to a whole new Hello Kitty Hellish level when just the sight of Hello Kitty is enough to bring this sexual pleasure:

Hello Kitty fetish

I must admit that I don’t understand a good 99% of what makes Hello Kitty fanatics function, but I can safely say that I completely (as in 100%) don’t understand those that have a Hello Kitty sexual fetish. There is something so completely wrong with that idea that is sends shivers up my spine every time I even have to consider it.

I know that all but the most hardened Hello Kitty fanatics are sitting in front of their computers (hopefully not a Hello Kitty computer) staring at the above confession and thinking WTF?!? (if you are even in the slightest bit considering a way to answer why some people might have a Hello Kitty sexual fetish, don’t. You are already over the edge of Hello Kitty fanaticism and any explanation will only provide all of us with worse nightmares tonight).

Yes, I considered this a sign that the world might be ending soon, but realized that that would relieve me from my Hello Kitty Hell suffering which would be much too easy — so not only is it not a sign of the apocalypse, it’s something that some people consider normal. And so another week in Hello Kitty Hell shows that things can continuously get worse than I thought possible the previous week…

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24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fetish”

  1. Was this written by a woman or a man? If it was a man, this totally creeps me out. Come to think of it, it doesn’t matter. Either way it creeps me out.

  2. Why does everyone always have to get so worked up about masturbation? It’s natural and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Stop being so prudish – you have done it too.

  3. I wonder if I should be disturbed by the fact that I looked at this, and all I
    could think was “The idiot misspelled it”….

  4. @ CF

    The theme of the postcard probably facilitated his mind (and his non writing hand) being at other places while creating it 😉

  5. Whatever we may have been thinking about – it wasn’t ‘inspired’ by that!! Yes, the awful spelling DID stick out.

    BTW, I do own a(n) HK ‘neck massager’ – I bought a few years ago having heard they were going to stop making them and thought might be worth a bit sometime! I believe I did send one to a friend as a pressie – she was a tad shocked, although why receiving a massager should do this… 😉

  6. Actually, there’s a very simple explanation as to why they have a HK fetish: They are seriously messed up. It should be legal for genitals to get restraining orders placed on such sick people.

  7. The intent behind this doesn’t make sense. I don’t find Hello Kitty in any way erotic, and even when it is eroticized, it’s not something that really makes me go that would even make sense to get turned on about, because the kid factor is so prevalent.

    I guess Hello Kitty makes you think of candy and candy can be used in erotic things or something, but Hello Kitty is really one epic fail as an erotic anything.

  8. Rule 34, people. It’s horrifying, but that’s just the way it goes.

    Why do we humans suck so much?

  9. Aww, I love Darlene! It always makes me happy to see someone who can forgive ANYTHING as long as it fits a certain set of criteria.


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