Hello Kitty Apple iBook Computer Skin

While I have no doubt that Hello Kitty will eventually come out with a limited edition Apple iBook (much like the Hello Kitty iPod mini) to compete against the Hello Kitty NEC Lavie G laptop computer, Hello Kitty fanatics aren’t that patient. They need to get their Hello Kitty fix this very second and if they own an Apple iBook, they accomplish this with the Hello Kitty Apple iBook computer skin:

Hello Kitty iBook skin

While I must admit that this is a rather reserved Hello Kittification (I mean, look at how some Hello Kitty fanatics mod their notebooks), you have to view any Hello Kittification as a harbinger of bad things to come (and that eventually means something that leaves you thinking WTF?!? as the Hello Kitty fanatics squeal with delight).

This is a classic Hello Kitty Hell teaser. It’s bad – enough to make non Hello Kitty fanatics cringe at the thought — but since it is obvious it is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come, we aren’t sure whether to be relieved or desperately sick…

Thanks to bethany who really should be required to use nothing but Hello Kitty computers for the rest of her life for showing me this…


hello kitty ibook

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25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Apple iBook Computer Skin”

  1. Its not that bad compared to the other ones…but my god..when will this stop…??….i guess it will only end when hello kitty has taken over the world…..god i hate that cat..she ruins everything….^-^

  2. I have to say that this is not so bad.
    I didn’t know iMac can take a custom skin. That kind of idea never come out from men’s brain. I bet Sanrio is now talking to Apple to sell a new HK product (they call it collaboration …)

  3. Oh my Hello Kitty goodness! You MUST tell me where this is from i have a personlized swarovski crystal Apple iBook and iPod already but this would look super cute along with them! how exciteing! hehe!

  4. holy bejesus! i’m not a mac fan, but am trying to break into television and video production, where macs reign supreme. this will be THE ONE THING that will convince me to get an ibook. SERIOUSLY! 🙂

  5. After looking at the HK “Hobbies gone wrong” notebook, this one looks pretty much amazing. I’m an HK fan and my eyes still exploded. x_x Ow.


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