Hello Kitty iPod Earphone Charms

We have already established that Hello Kitty will Hello Kittify virtually everything even to the point of creating the most useless Hello Kitty product ever. Of course, having invented the most useless product ever, she couldn’t stop there and had to try and outdo herself. Thus, we have the Hello Kitty earphone charms:

Hello Kitty Earphone Charm

Hello Kitty Earbud Charm

Hello Kitty Earphone Charms

Taking this to the next logical step (at least for Sanrio and Hello Kitty fans) we should be seeing an accessory for the Hello Kitty earphone charms in the not too distant future (you know, while you just shook your head at the complete stupidity of that last sentence, someone at Sanrio just took it and is now making a presentation on what a great idea it is and telling their boss that even further down the road they can make Hello Kitty accessories for the Hello Kitty accessories, for the Hello Kitty earphone charms).

Of course, my wife thinks it’s a brilliant idea (would you expect anything else?) Yet another typical day in Hello Kitty Hell…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty iPod Earphone Charms”

  1. I love Hello Kitty but that is the dumbest thing i have ever seen! Looks like Sanrio is *really* scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas now…

  2. i do however like this product because i kinda makes it look like you have ear-rings on, and me being one of the few people left in this world without my ears pirced (because im to chicken) it sounds like an interesting product.
    the only thing is, is that this is eather the coolest thing out there, or the dumbest. its borderline, i cant decide..

  3. It’s really cute, this is the least useless thing on your blog that I’ve seen so far. I mean, have you ever heard about the word accessory? Not all items in the world HAVE to be useful. Some can be for fun.

  4. It’s a bit much for hello kitty, as cute as it is, it’d get tangled in my earrings and hair, and lord knows how tangled my headphones get…i’d be afraid of breaking those things


    im only a teenager but i think im gonna be just like mrhkh’s wife…when i went to japan i swear every store has a hello kitty section its bliss ^^

    hahaha this blog is heaps cools i come for the pretty stuff!
    just admit it mrhkh you love HK! 🙂

  6. I just have to have them! I’m searching ebay as we speek!
    I’m not normaly one for colecting things, but there dead cute 🙂

  7. omg i wouldnt get those but i have a hellokitty theme on my phone lol! its really cute i LOVE hellokitty ^_^

  8. Why don’t they just create HK Febreeze or HK washing detergent ( God Forbid! ) or HK tampons LOL or HK hair dyes or HK houses or HK condos or HK double decker buses or oh you know what they don’t have? Hello Kitty hot tubs and swimming pools!! ???????? =• . •=


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